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Industries with the Lowest Customer Service Ratings

We just read an article on Yahoo!, detailing the industries that have the lowest ratings when it comes to customer service   There are no big surprises, here is the list: Here are the five industries with the worst customer satisfaction 5 Retail - Q2 Customer Satisfaction: 81% 4 Financial &[...]

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Ensure Script Compliance with Speech Analytics Software

We operate in a highly regulated world, which means that your call center employees need to know your company policies, which your legal and business consultants have helped you to craft into a script or business process That script or process needs to be accessed and activated right away or else[...]

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Use Employee Codes to Monitor Agent Performance

Improving the customer experience is a trending topic for businesses today, with research showing that two-thirds of consumers would be willing to spend approximately 13 percent more money with a company following an excellent customer service experience In comparison, 55 percent of customers would[...]

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Improving Agent Performance

The frontline agent position can be extremely difficult Juggling scripts, tasks, company policy, and procedure while listening to the customer at the same time can be stressful Call monitoring can cause further stress for agents who may lose confidence and efficiency as they worry about accuracy[...]

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Speech Analytics Mines Business Data for Pure Gold

Yesterday, my family went to Ruggles Mine in New Hampshire, where you can rent a pickaxe and buy a bucket to chip away at the rocks and caves to see what you can collect   Anything you can cut away and carry out, you can keep   As I was there, digging away, I got to thinking that I was doing a[...]

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