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Call Tracking And Business Intelligence Go Hand In Hand

It is not possible to run a business that is successful as it could be without collecting data of some kind or another All businesses need this because they need to know how they are doing and to measure that performance against their expectations When the data is collected and reviewed, it becomes[...]

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Use Speech Analytics Beyond the Customer Service Dept.

Sales and customer service departments are often the two areas of a company at the forefront of the customer experience But, thinking about the other areas of a business that contribute to the overall experience, you can see where every department touches your customers’ lives Here are some[...]

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Get Buy-in And Keep Score With Call Center Monitoring

It’s nearly impossible to know just how your call center reps are doing unless you monitor and analyze your incoming calls The best  call center monitoring is your basis for knowing what you need to tweak, improve or generally clean house in your call center operation The resulting data is[...]

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Preparing for 2014 with Speech Analytics

2014 is quickly approaching, and now is the time when businesses are putting together strategic and tactical plans for the new year, making benchmarks, developing new training programs for employees, and looking for ways to update technology systems to improve operations What are you planning for[...]

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