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How To Improve Business Intelligence With Call Tracking

The collection of business intelligence is a very important process that all companies must go through Bringing together what data is available to learn new things about the business and its customers creates more opportunities for companies Calls And What They Tell The phone calls that a[...]

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How To Review The Customer Experience With Call Tracking

Customer service is of paramount importance to all businesses When the customer base is happy, then the business thrives When the customer base is not happy, there are a lot of fires to put out One way to evaluate the customer experience is to try out call tracking Crunch The Numbers The first[...]

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Call Center Monitoring: Big Data's Impact On Business

The smart business owner or manager of today realizes the impact that data can have on his or her company Call centers in particularly receive a lot of data because of the amount of phone calls that they have to process on any given day Call center monitoring has thus become an important part of[...]

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Business Intelligence And Call Monitoring: How They Tie In

When examining how business intelligence and call tracking or monitoring tie in, it is important to first understand what business intelligence really is There is a great definition of this term provided by webopediacom, The term business intelligence (BI) represents the tools and systems that[...]

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Why Call Recording Makes A Difference In The Bottom Line

Recording phone calls makes a business more profitable It is really as simple as that With the amount of phone calls that a company receives in a day it is important that they capitalize on that data Call recording can make this possible by capturing the data that comes in on phone calls with[...]

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Successful Teams Live The Customer Experience

Check out a recent article on CustomerThink about having customer service/customer experience teams actually live the real customer experience that is delivered by your company The basic premise is that to deliver a great customer experience and truly understand the process, every employee needs[...]

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