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Why CCaaS Speech Analytics Doesn’t Meet Expectations

If you're looking to benefit from speech analytics, it's tempting to go with whatever you get with an all-in-one CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) platform A cloud company that offers a wide variety of features seems like the smart choice After all, you're saving money, right Not[...]

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5 KPIs for Improving Call Center Efficiency

Call centers are prominent hubs of business-customer interactions And these interactions can profoundly impact the customer experience Customers expect service that is knowledgeable, helpful, and most of all, fast Call centers can provide excellent service by focusing on the following Key[...]

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7 Ways to Improve the Credit Union Member Experience

Recently, we wrote about the importance of regulation compliance in the credit union industry Now it’s time to discuss another factor credit unions must pay attention to: member experience The experience a credit union provides determines whether or not someone remains loyal, or if they take[...]

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3 Ways to Ensure Credit Union Regulatory Compliance

We live in a world full of information available at our fingertips Unfortunately, this information is also available to people with less than honorable intentions For this reason, many industries have strict regulations to protect both businesses and consumers Perhaps the most regulated[...]

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5 Must-Have Skills for Customer Service Managers

Many companies say they prioritize the customer experience, but do they really understand just how important it is According to HubSpot's research, nine out of ten Americans use customer service as a deciding factor when choosing where to take their business And 58% of consumers would switch to a[...]

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5 Ways to Use Speech Analytics Beyond the Contact Center

An automated quality monitoring solution with speech analytics has proven its worth in the contact center Speech analytics technology improves both agent performance and customer experience with automated tools, such as call transcriptions, sentiment analysis, agent scorecards, and more But the[...]

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10 FAQs About Sentiment Analysis

Have Some Q's and Need Some A's If you've heard about sentiment analysis but are not sure exactly what it is, you’re not alone Sentiment analysis has been around for over 10 years, yet it remains a mystery to some people And this is unfortunate since it’s one of the most effective tools[...]

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CallFinder View vs. Acuity: Which Solution is Right for You?

Are you ready to choose an Automated Quality Monitoring (AQM) solution, but you're not sure which one is right for you We're here to help with a closer look at CallFinder's solutions We offer two cloud-based solutions designed to meet your company's analytics needs and budget requirements[...]

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