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10 Surprising Customer Service Facts to Know

June 19, 2014 by Morgan Pulitzer

Mining calls for key words and phrases will help you discover an incredible amount about your customers, what makes them tick, what makes them buy, why they’re unhappy, and what will make them more happy.

This presentation includes a lot of good statistics on customer actions and preferences, which are based directly on the experiences they’ve had with the companies they do business with.

Many businesses lose money and don’t have a strategy for improving their customer service, which greatly impacts the overall customer experience.

How can you change this? Speech analytics can help improve customer service and give businesses the data they need to keep customers happy.

Cruise through and absorb the information. Then, contact us to take a tour of our cloud-based speech analytics application, which will help your business discover insights on the customers and the experience you’re providing. Then, you can leverage the knowledge gained to close gaps in process and improve the customer experience!