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Improve the Customer Experience Your Business Delivers

May 08, 2012 by Morgan Pulitzer - Last Updated: August 05, 2022

Six Phrases Customers Are Happy to Hear

Here are six phrases that customers are happy to hear:

1. How can I help you? Customers appreciate the opportunity to explain exactly what they want and need from the service experience.

2. I can solve that problem. These magic words convey that a knowledgeable solution is imminent.

3. I don’t know, but I will find out. Customers certainly appreciate the honesty in this response, but even more the integrity that you will take responsibility in finding the answer personally instead of passing the buck.

4. I will take responsibility. See #3.

5. I will deliver on time. Meeting set timelines and providing a prompt service experience is something everyone who’s ever had to wait on hold or has had a project’s completion perpetually postponed can appreciate.

6. I appreciate your business. Perhaps the best of the six at the end of the day; a step above “thanks,” the word “appreciate” conveys genuine care.

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