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Benefits of Phonetics-based Speech Analytics Engine

There are two types of technology that drive a speech analytics platform One is Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition, or LVCSR This is essentially speech-to-text technology and is dependent on the dictionary to identify words that are contained and spoken within phone conversations The[...]

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Work Smarter, Not Harder with A Business Intelligence Software Package

"This call may be monitored for quality assurance" Any one of us who has ever called a customer service center has heard that profound eight word sentence Well, to monitor a few calls here and there may be a sound move to ensure quality in your business’ customer contacts But, what if you had[...]

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Career College Saves Time and Resources with CallFinder Speech Analytics

Here is just one example of a successful implementation of a web-based speech analytics solution by a small to medium-sized business: Background: Career College was founded in 1966 and has grown to five campuses The College’s mission is to prepare students through allied health and business[...]

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Fortune 500 Uses CallFinder Speech Analytics to Ensure Script Compliance

One of our customers happens to be a Fortune 500 company After using CallFinder's speech analytics solution for about six months, they have successfully identified where agents are going off-script Armed with this data, the company improved their training programs to reduce compliance[...]

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Three Quick Ways to Impact Business Performance

Today, businesses are under pressure to produce more, with fewer resources Striking the right balance between expenses for efficient operational tools and resources, and growing sales to support those expenses, presents a challenge for dealerships Finding ways to optimize operational efficiency in[...]

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