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What Business Insights May Be Gained From Call Recording

Every day thousands of businesses are buried underneath millions of phone calls from customers all across the country and indeed the world In the midst of all of those phone calls there are some gems to be discovered Though many do not at first realize it, customers who call into a business to ask[...]

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Successful Teams Live The Customer Experience

Check out a recent article on CustomerThink about having customer service/customer experience teams actually live the real customer experience that is delivered by your company The basic premise is that to deliver a great customer experience and truly understand the process, every employee needs[...]

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Customer Call Analysis: What Happened On That Call?

Virtually all businesses have a number that customers can call into and voice their concerns, complaints, or ask questions The content of these calls is very important and fascinating Information that one may find on these calls could be worth a lot more than they may even realize This is why[...]

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10 Surprising Customer Service Facts to Know

Mining calls for key words and phrases will help you discover an incredible amount about your customers, what makes them tick, what makes them buy, why they're unhappy, and what will make them more happy This presentation includes a lot of good statistics on customer actions and preferences, which[...]

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Preparing for 2014 with Speech Analytics

2014 is quickly approaching, and now is the time when businesses are putting together strategic and tactical plans for the new year, making benchmarks, developing new training programs for employees, and looking for ways to update technology systems to improve operations What are you planning for[...]

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Contact Center Monitoring Is A Growing Trend. Do You Use It?

Contact center monitoring is bigger than it has ever been, and we're not using hyperbole on this one The question is "Do you have it" Or perhaps more importantly, "How soon can you get it" Implementing a contact center monitoring solution is a surefire way to significantly improve the customer[...]

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