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3 Customer Experience Basics You Should be Reviewing Constantly

In today's customer-centric market, saying that the customer experience is crucial to a business’s success is like saying profits are a good thing: True, but not exactly a groundbreaking revelation Most companies are well aware of the importance of providing a great customer experience, but the[...]

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Common Uses of Speech Analytics for Insurance Companies

Insurance companies often struggle to stand out in a market flooded with agencies offering similar products One of the key differentiators among competitors is customer experience While customer surveys once offered valuable data on agent performance, this outdated method for gaining feedback is[...]

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Hidden Costs of Manual Call Monitoring

Still manually monitoring calls? Then you’re not really monitoring your agents or your CX. Learn how you’re also wasting a lot of money on hidden costs.

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How to Identify Reasons Behind Customer Churn

Customer churn is a big concern for most companies And with good reason Studies show that customer churn costs businesses $16 trillion dollars annually, and the cost of gaining a new customer is five times higher than keeping a current one There are various reasons behind customer churn, but[...]

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Why Your Data Collection Strategy Is Holding You Back From Getting Results

Henry Ford once said, “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal” Solid advice from one of the most successful business leaders of the 20th Century But without clear business goals, companies can’t take full advantage of 21st Century technology[...]

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Which KPIs Should Your Contact Center Track in 2021?

Contact center Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are crucial to understanding agent performance and improving the customer experience As you review and evaluate customer service tactics for 2021, you'll want to track these metrics as efficiently as possible But first, you need to determine which[...]

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4 Quick Tips on Handling Angry Customers After the Holidays

Contact center agents regularly encounter frustrated and disappointed customers, especially during the holidays Add in a stressful pandemic with slower than usual mail deliveries, and customer service agents are still dealing with the aftermath of the COVID holiday season Fortunately, it is[...]

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Risk Management and Compliance with Speech Analytics

In today’s contact center, risk management and compliance are not just best practices Certain laws and governing bodies regulate how call centers handle sensitive data Because non-compliant agents are a costly risk, both through unsatisfied customers and monetary penalties, monitoring calls is[...]

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angry customer yelling on phone to answer the question what is overtalk

What is Overtalk And Why Your Agents Should Avoid It

What is Overtalk and Why Should You Care Overtalk during agent-customer conversations happens a lot more often than you might think What is overtalk Put simply, an overtalk event happens when both parties speak at the same time While overtalk is an inevitable, and often natural, part of any[...]

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