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CallFinder Announces Improved Automated Quality Monitoring

CallFinder Announces Improved Automated Quality Monitoring and Scorecard Functionality


BURLINGTON, Vermont, March 16, 2017 – CallFinder® (http://www.mycallfinder.com), a leading provider of powerful, affordable, and easy to use cloud-based speech analytics, today announces the release of enhanced features to deliver automated quality monitoring and scorecards that report on call outcomes for one hundred percent of agent and customer interactions. CallFinder now offers small and medium sized businesses out-of-the-box functionality that enables automated quality monitoring, script, and regulatory compliance monitoring, and much more…. Read more

Clear Business Value With Speech Analytics To Communicate

Since the dawn of time, as long as there has been communication, there have been miscommunications, especially in relationships. Someone says something that is misconstrued by someone else, which can lead to quarrels, anger, and frustration. And it’s not just personal relationships; miscommunication can affect business relationships, as well. The most important relationship a business can cultivate is that between a contact center agent and a customer, so good communication is critical. But sometimes even a seemingly innocent and reasonable phrase an agent says can have quite a different meaning in the ears of a customer…. Read more

3 Tips To Ensure Customer Happiness With Speech Analytics

Ensure customer happiness with speech analytics, and your business will be successful.

You’ve probably heard the age-old philosophical conundrum: If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?  Well here’s a similar query: If a company has a product, and no customers are around to buy it, can that company be successful? Actually, the answer to the latter question is much more straightforward. No, a company cannot be successful if they’re not selling their products or services…. Read more

3 Call Center Technology Trends To Watch In 2017

It’s the start of another new year, which means people all across the country are making resolutions to become the best versions of themselves. But it’s not just people; even businesses are looking at ways they can improve. And one area that is being meticulously scrutinized is a company’s call center technology used to communicate with customers, along with their agents’ performance.

The contact center is a primary source for delivering one of, if not THE most important piece of a company’s success:  the customer experience. The customer experience drives repeat business, loyalty, and referrals…. Read more

Speech Analytics In Call Centers Ensure Happy Customers Post-Holidays

With the holidays coming to a close this year, it’s time to finally take a deep breath and relax, right?  Well, not for everyone.  For many businesses, the post-holiday time can just be almost, if not just as hectic with myriad returns, exchanges, complaints, and requests from dissatisfied gift recipients. And if a company has a contact center, no doubt its agents will be flooded with even more calls than usual. “Taking it easy” is simply not part of their vocabulary right now. But just because this time of year is quite busy for businesses, it does not mean it must be completely stressful.  With tools such as call recording and speech analytics in call centers, businesses can help their agents be better prepared to handle situations both now and in the future…. Read more