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Emotion and Call Sentiment Analysis: The Secret to Customer Empathy

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Every speech analytics solution should include emotion and sentiment analysis. This feature is a key part of improving the customer experience. By understanding call outcomes, call center managers can determine where, and how often, customers get upset or frustrated during phone calls. Remember, frustrated customers are more likely to go to a competitor, even after one phone call.

We’ve covered how automated call quality monitoring helps build good customer service skills and promotes positive feedback for employees. The customer experience is the foundation for your business. Therefore, ensuring that employees follow the guidelines for customer satisfaction is key.

This post explores ways you can use emotion and sentiment analysis to better understand your customers and reduce churn.

How Does Emotion and Sentiment Analysis Work?

The insights gathered from emotion detection and call sentiment analysis help businesses determine whether each conversation is positive, negative, or neutral. This valuable feature also monitors the customer experience to understand how callers feel about your organization as a whole. This includes brand and product sentiment, how the company compares with competitors, and any other aspect of the customer experience.

This tool works by pinpointing sources of frustration through specific phrases, such as “speak to your supervisor” or “cancel my account.” The automated insights give call center supervisors advanced warning that a customer is unhappy. The supervisor can then proactively find a solution to turn that customer around, satisfy their needs, and make them happy.

Understanding Your Customers Through Agent Evaluation

Now that you know how it works, let’s take a look at how emotion and sentiment analysis can help better understand your customers.

  • Gain valuable agent performance insights: Emotion and sentiment analysis helps measure and evaluate employee performance standards. This provides an inside look at your customers overall call center experience.
  • Give your agents and employees valuable feedback, support, and training: Once you establish performance standards, emotion and sentiment analysis tools help determine which employees could use refresher courses, equipment training, or application support.
  • Offer rewards and special incentives: In addition to providing extra support to struggling employees, you can also use these tools to reward excellent customer service skills. Offering rewards programs and incentives to those that are most deserving will help build employee confidence and company pride. And happy employees = happy customers.
  • Save time and money: One of the biggest benefits of implementing a speech analytics solution in your call center is that it is a cost effective way to monitor call center agent performance. Plus, you can use all the valuable time you save on coaching agents.

Demo CallFinder’s Emotion and Sentiment Analysis

No matter what your specific needs are, CallFinder can help you build a call quality monitoring process that best suits your goals and performance needs. The best part about CallFinder is that you do not need to hire another entity to use our solution. In the long run, CallFinder will save you time and money. Connect with one of our experts for a free demo and see how we can help you build a QA process that works best for your needs.

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