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Automated Call Quality Monitoring Solutions

Meet the demands of the modern call center by monitoring and uncovering the insights needed to improve business strategies and customer satisfaction with CallFinder's automated call quality monitoring solutions.

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Drive efficiency & Customer Satisfaction with AI-Fueled Insights

Contact center managers no longer have to be burdened by manually monitoring and scoring a small sample of agent calls. CallFinder’s Automated Quality Monitoring and Call Scoring solution gives supervisors an accurate view into agent performance, enabling them to spend more time managing and coaching agents. CallFinder delivers an automated quality scorecard by teams and agents, scoring 100 percent of your calls. Learn more in our Product Overview.
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Why Automate Call Quality Monitoring with Speech Analytics

CallFinder's automated quality monitoring solution will take your contact center to the next level with automated scoring, call transcriptions, and our unique managed client services.

Automated Scoring

An automated call quality monitoring and scoring solution provides instant access to performance data that can be used to enhance the customer experience, close agent knowledge gaps, and improve operational efficiency, which results in continuous company growth and an increased bottom line.
Call Scoring Features

Call Transcriptions

With CallFinder’s automated call transcriptions, managers can quickly read and search transcriptions of every agent-customer interaction. Analyze every recorded call and turn your call recordings into a valuable resource with CallFinder’s user-friendly, reliable, and fast speech recognition technology.
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Client Services

No other automated quality monitoring solution offers customer support like we do. When you work with CallFinder, you are assigned an experienced Analyst to work closely with you to establish goals and create and define parameters necessary to evaluate 100% of your agent-client interactions for 100% visibility.
Client Services Benefits

Gain Visibility into Customer Sentiment

Many contact center professionals can remember the days of manually monitoring calls with customers to extract insights into agent performance and customer experience. Advancements in speech analytics have enabled CallFinder to provide contact centers with automated tools to accomplish these tasks with an ROI that is often measured in a few months or less. Call data can now be structured and analyzed to deliver automated scorecards for quality monitoring tasks, and to keep a pulse on the customer experience using sentiment analysis.

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Manually monitoring agent interactions is painstakingly slow, expensive, and cannot provide a statistically valid view into your agent-customer interactions. Automate your Quality Assurance process to gain 100% visibility into every interaction with CallFinder. Schedule your demo to see how it works!
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