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About Us

At CallFinder, we help businesses connect with their customers and turn daily interactions into great customer experiences. With CallFinder’s affordable, scalable, automated quality monitoring solution, you’ll develop highly-skilled agents who can identify and solve customer needs and problems. We make it easy for contact centers to automate quality management, drive higher customer satisfaction scores, and achieve business goals in a profitable and competitive business model.

CallFinder’s cloud-based speech analytics technology offers real-time analysis of calls at a dramatically lower cost for implementation, time to value, and support, when compared to premise-based solutions. Schedule a demo today!

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With CallFinder, You Can:
  • Transcribe, score, and analyze every interaction for 100% visibility.
  • Manage agent script compliance & enhance workforce training.
  • Analyze and improve business processes to uncover cost savings.
  • Improve customer experience and discover revenue opportunities.
Other features include:
  • Flexible cloud-delivery, scalable for any business
  • No additional hardware or IT resources needed.
  • No up-front capital, licenses, costs or software.
  • Automated dashboard reports & call transcripts for quick analysis.
  • Simple integration with CRM & lead management systems.

Who We Are

CallFinder offers the most affordable, flexible quality monitoring and call scoring solutions available for contact centers, and small to large businesses. As one of the nation’s leading contact center solution providers, we consider it our responsibility as well as our privilege to provide the best software for call quality management for businesses of all sizes in just about every conceivable industry.

At CallFinder, we work hard to be different from our competitors, and we see ourselves as your partner when you choose to work with us. We believe our commitment to our clients is probably the most obvious way we’re different from our competitors.

CallFinder is powered by 800response, which was founded in 1990 to provide telecommunications solutions and online marketing tools to businesses throughout the United States. We share 800response’s dedication to our clients, and we show it in everything we do.

When you decide to work with us, you’ll work with a CallFinder Speech Analytics Specialist who’ll help your team determine the goals you want to achieve with our technology. We’ll also provide personalized, one-on-one training throughout the onboarding process and help you categorize your calls for easy analysis.

We don’t just make getting started with our user-friendly, cloud-based technology easy and enjoyable. We’ll continue to provide the training and support you need for however long you use our software solutions. Even if your business grows beyond your wildest expectations, we’ll still be here to provide the call monitoring solutions you need because our software is fully scalable.

In addition to providing the best call monitoring services and being committed to our clients’ success, our systems are affordable, flexible and easy to use.

Learn More About Us:

Please contact a CallFinder Specialist at 1-800-639-1700 today to learn more about the benefits of working with CallFinder and using our SaaS speech analytics software, and schedule an online demonstration.