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training agents with sentiment and emotion analysis

How Sentiment and Emotion Analysis Increases Collections Payments

Did you know collections agents who have higher levels of empathy yield much higher collections rates and consistently get higher customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores on calls? If you’re managing a collections agency or a call center with collections agents, it’s time to consider adding these emotion and sentiment analysis tools to your strategy to empower your agents to achieve success on every call.

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NCUCCC 2022 ballroom

NCUCCC 2022 Highlights and Takeaways

NCUCCC 2022 is in the books! CallFinder’s Chief Revenue Officer, Laura Noonan, and Business Development Executives, Chip Hoffman and Allen Bergseth all attended the event, and unlike most things that happen in Vegas, this experience will not stay in Vegas. Here are the highlights and takeaways from this year’s event.

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The Value of Call Center Training

Quality call center training can make the difference between a positive and negative emotional connection when customers interact with your brand. Learn more in this post.

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man with clipboard for underperformance and employee churn post

How to Solve Underperformance and Employee Churn

Did you know that underperformance and employee churn have a lot in common? This post explains how to improve performance, keep agents happy, and reduce churn in the call center using automated call quality monitoring.

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