Meet the Foundation of Your Call Quality Assurance Program

CallFinder proudly offers our clients game-changing, automated speech analytics solutions that serve as the foundation of their QA programs. When you automate your call review process, you not only save time and increase efficiency in the call center, but you also empower QA managers to be proactive rather than reactive.

CallFinder Features

Stronger Foundation. Better Results.

Managed Client Services

CallFinder’s team of expert Speech Analysts sets us apart from the competition, and sets you up for success. No other provider assigns an Analyst who works with your QA team throughout the life of your investment.

Agent Scorecards

Monitor and score thousands of calls with consistency and accuracy, all at the click of a button. Use the time you’ll save to focus on coaching agents, tracking upsells and KPIs, and monitoring the customer experience.

Call Transcriptions

Quickly identify and react to trending issues, gain insights on key phrases and call reasons, uncover revenue opportunities, and coach agents on what’s actually happening on calls with searchable call transcriptions.

Analytics Reporting

Gain value from CallFinder from day one with our easy-to-use analytics reporting. With a variety of options to send and share reports, you can customize reports to fit the needs of your entire QA team, your agents, and decision makers.

Sentiment & Emotion Analysis

Easily identify whether a call is positive, negative, or neutral. Use these insights to coach on specific topics, such as de-escalation techniques or word choices that affect a caller’s mood, to boost CX and gain quick wins.

Silence & Overtalk Detection

This unique feature helps QA managers quickly pinpoint trends and conversation nuances to uncover customer pain points, build on positive interactions, and give agents the confidence they need to make every call successful.

CallFinder Product Overview

Speech Analytics That Shapes Customer Relations

CallFinder was designed by speech analytics experts to get to the heart of customer conversations. We assign speech analysts to partner with clients so you can achieve your goals. Speech analytics isn’t an afterthought in our solution–it is the solution that shows you how to take action for better customer engagements and relationships.

What Is Speech Analytics?

Speech analytics is the review and analysis of contact center calls using AI-powered software. Contact centers use the technology to collect data and turn it into actionable business insights. They then use that information to improve their quality assurance and the customer experience.

Speech Analytics Benefits

CallFinder’s speech analytics software offers benefits to every department in your organization. Our AI-fueled technology automates outdated, manual QA processes to save time, lower costs, and provide immediate insights so you can make informed decisions on how to drive revenue for the entire business.

How It Works

CallFinder takes advantage of leading speech analytics technologies to deliver an expert solution that optimizes performance, functionality, and user experience. We continually refine our solution based on years of experience and extensive customer feedback.

Effortless Integration

CallFinder’s cross-platform solution easily integrates with your existing call center environment and tech stack. The best part is that we do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to use internal resources or hire a consultant. We work with a variety of call recording providers, and we have a 100% integration success rate.

Flexible Pricing Plans

Our custom pricing is unique to each client and their call center environment. Because we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach, we do not ask our clients to fit into a pre-determined mold. Rather, we fit the solution to the client based on their needs and goals.

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