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How to Impact Revenue in 2022 with Speech Analytics Software

As the end of 2021 approaches, it's time for companies to assess their strategies over the past year Business leaders are digging deep to determine what worked, and what didn't work And they will go to great lengths to find every new opportunity for growth in 2022 Whether you run a call center[...]

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5 Ways to Use Speech Analytics Beyond the Contact Center

An automated quality monitoring solution with speech analytics has proven its worth in the contact center Speech analytics technology improves both agent performance and customer experience with automated tools, such as call transcriptions, sentiment analysis, agent scorecards, and more But the[...]

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How to Get More Students Enrolled Without Hiring More Staff

Given COVID's impact on just about every industry, it may be no surprise that many academic institutions saw a decline in enrollment rates in the last year In a recent College Board enrollment report, data shows that 2-year institutions were hit especially hard, as their enrollment rates[...]

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How Does Speech Analytics Work? An Insider’s Guide for Newbies

Before CallFinder hired me as the new Digital Marketing Specialist, I knew nothing about speech analytics So I Googled phrases like, "How does speech analytics work" or "What is speech analytics" to prepare for my interview My searches often resulted in articles with overly-complicated[...]

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What is Call Scoring?

Call scoring is a standardized way to evaluate contact center agents and provide feedback used to improve agent performance and CX.

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5 Things No One Tells You About Speech Analytics

Evaluating Speech Analytics Solutions Like any major software investment, purchasing a speech analytics solution will involve an evaluation of features and a careful cost analysis Companies should first devote some time to understanding how this technology will be leveraged Will it be used to[...]

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True Facts About the ROI on Speech Analytics

Need to convince the decision makers at your company that the ROI on speech analytics justifies the cost Here are true facts about the return on investment with speech analytics technology ROI on Speech Analytics: Sales A speech analytics solution will boost sales It's that simple But we[...]

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