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4 Reasons to Start Using Audio Mining Software Today

Are you utilizing audio mining software in your contact center If not, what are you waiting for Audio mining software provides organizations with a wealth of data that can be used to make important business decisions to improve the bottom line Because the software searches call recordings in real[...]

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Speech Analytics: Finding The Sweetest Phrases

Did you realize that certain phrases can be used to make customers happier with the service that they have received There are certain phrases that simply work better with customers It is not always known which phrases are the best to use and how one should adapt their service This is why speech[...]

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Why You Should Know More About Audio Mining

Is audio mining important We think so, and we really can’t understate the importance of knowing more about it Businesses can definitely benefit from audio mining because it enables them to manage quality control more efficiently and effectively Read on to discover how audio mining can[...]

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3 Key Benefits of Customer Call Analysis

Whether a company is making customer service calls or receiving them, all calls should be reviewed with all agents by some level of management for several reasons First off, this is the was that the company can learn where most of their customer service calls are stemming from in the first place[...]

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All About Audio Mining

How mining software works and what are its applications Have you ever wondered how consumers’ calls can help you track your business, your employees, the customer experience With software programs, you can extract extremely important information from the audio recordings of those[...]

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Call Mining: A New Trend in Telecommunications

Emerging innovations in telecommunications have provided the world with seamless means of communication The latest advancement is the combination of intelligent cloud-based technology that is designed to provide users with a number of benefits like call monitoring, analytics, and call tracking[...]

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