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Speech Analytics: Finding The Sweetest Phrases

Did you realize that certain phrases can be used to make customers happier with the service that they have received? There are certain phrases that simply work better with customers. It is not always known which phrases are the best to use and how one should adapt their service. This is why speech analytics¬†is necessary to your business and contact center operation. This advanced technology scans your phone calls with customers to uncover hidden business insights, and customer experience metrics, which will help you fine tune your training and coaching programs to improve agent performance and therefore improve the customer satisfaction…. Read more

Why You Should Know More About Audio Mining

Is audio mining important? We think so, and we really can’t understate the importance of knowing more about it.¬†Businesses can definitely benefit from audio mining because it enables them to manage quality control more efficiently and effectively. Read on to discover how audio mining can improve your day to day business operations.

What is Audio Mining?

Audio mining is a method that is used for the purpose of examining audio for specific instances of spoken words or phrases. Speech technology is used to identify the words or phonemes that are spoken in an audio or video file, and audio mining searches can then be used to locate specific words and phrases within the audio. These audio mining searches run at speeds that are usually extremely faster than real time, so large quantities of audio or speech can be sought in a small amount of time…. Read more