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Improve Agent Performance Over the Holidays with Speech Analytics

With the holiday season upon us, people are out shopping for that perfect gift, which means call centers are busier than ever.  And whether the phone is answered by a veteran agent or a temp seasonal worker, your customers expect the same level of service and agent performance every time they call. Customers at this time of year tend to be more stressed than usual, so they want to speak with an agent who is congenial and knowledgeable. However, agents cannot convey this attitude if they are also feeling stressed and anxious. Here are a couple of tips to ensure your agents always provide the best customer experience – during the holidays or any time of the year…. Read more

Improve Agent Skills: Just One Benefit of Speech Analytics

Imagine having one tool at your disposal that can be used to vastly improve various departments and aspects of your business; a tool that is both easy to use and capable of providing a wealth of advantages. Now stop imagining, because you get exactly that when you have speech analytics technology.

When you apply speech analytics with automatic call categorization and scorecard tools to all your agent-customer phone conversations to scan for specific words and phrases, you can then use your findings to gain critical business insights – Insights which can then be converted into actionable data and improved business processes. And speech analytics can be used to enhance a variety of factions throughout your company…. Read more

Reduce Agent Attrition with Speech Analytics

One of the biggest roadblocks to a contact center’s success these days is the high level of agent attrition. Studies show the average agent attrition rate in contact centers is 30 to 45%(1), which can end up costing a company 25 to 30% of benefits and salary for each vacant position(1). Clearly, this problem needs to be addressed.

However, many contact centers believe they can allay the situation through fun “perks” such as dress-up days, contests, prizes, etc. And even if these efforts are appreciated by the agents, they are ultimately short-term solutions. Because what truly matters to contact center agents is the ability for them to do their job and to do it well. Fortunately, with speech analytics and some helpful tips, any contact center can keep its agents happily on board…. Read more

Reduce Attrition With Speech Analytics And Agent Training

As more and more companies realize that providing an exceptional customer experience to their success, the role of the contact center becomes more important than ever, especially using speech analytics and agent training to pack a powerful business punch. One challenge that many businesses face is not acquiring these agents, but keeping them. The reality of employee churn in contact centers is a reality businesses know all too well. There are a number of reasons for the high turnover rate, but perhaps the biggest one is stress…. Read more

Improve Agent Performance by Analyzing Call Recordings

If you’ve ever had to call a place of business, you’ve more than likely heard a recording saying, “This call may be recorded for quality assurance”, or something similar.  But what does it really mean?  At first, it sounds rather intrusive, like some shady figure is sitting alone in a dark room somewhere, listening to you ask why the nose hair trimmer you ordered hasn’t arrived, yet. But the truth is companies use call recording because they want to improve agent performance so they can give you an exceptional experience when you interact with them.  After all, you’re the customer!  Implementing call recording with automated cloud-based speech analytics technology allows businesses to really listen to the Voice of the Customer to improve agent performance and the customer experience…. Read more