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Retaining Your Customers with Speech Analytics

For the modern consumer, a subpar customer experience isn’t simply a time to get angry - it is a time to take action  Studies show a negative experience means not only would 58% of customers not patronize that business again (with just a 20% chance of the business ever getting them back), but a[...]

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Speech Analytics Gains Recognition in Business World

Speech analytics is quickly becoming recognized as a vital part of a successful business  In a survey conducted of 500 company decision makers by Uniphore Software systems in the first quarter of 2016, the majority of those companies said they expect to increase their spending and investments in[...]

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Provide Better Agent Training with Speech Analytics

Applying speech analytics in the contact center provides a myriad of benefits, both on the business side, as well as the customer side For businesses, the voice monitoring power of speech analytics delivers real-time insights on voice conversations with customers The voice capture and analysis of[...]

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Why You Need to Use Speech Analytics Today

Like a carpenter or mechanic, you know the more tools your contact center has at its disposal, the more effective your contact center will be when it comes to customer interactions  And if you have added call mining software such as speech analytics to your repertoire, you have already taken a[...]

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Keeping Millennials Happy with Speech Analytics

Millennials – the generation born (approximately) between 1982 and 1996 – has become a hot topic in today’s business world  While the Baby Boomer generation currently holds the most spending power, Millennials are poised to take that position when they enter into their 40’s  Even now,[...]

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Best Practices for Using Speech Analytics

Consumers have many communication channels to choose from when they want to get in touch with a company today, however the old standby, the telephone, remains the most popular That’s why call center software, including speech analytics, is such a worthwhile investment The advantage of using[...]

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