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Use Speech Analytics to Enhance Customer Experience

There was a time when working in a contact center was a much simpler affair  People would call in with questions and/or complaints, the agent would help them to the best of their ability, the caller would hang up (hopefully satisfied) with an enhanced customer experience, and that was all there[...]

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Improve Agent Performance by Analyzing Call Recordings

Call Recording is All About the Customer If you’ve ever had to call a place of business, you’ve more than likely heard a recording saying, “This call may be recorded for quality assurance”, or something similar  But what does it really mean  At first, it sounds rather intrusive, like some[...]

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Actionable Uses for Speech Analytics Technology

Speech analytics technology has been around since 2004, which is a pretty long time in the tech industry Many businesses put off investing in this technology for a number of reasons There's always the question of whether or not the costs will generate a good ROI In the case of speech analytics,[...]

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Good Customer Experience – Make Sure They Can Call You

If you think your company does not need a phone number for people to reach you; if you think all your customer service department requires for assisting your customers are online means, or that you don’t need real, live people to help customers with their questions or complaints,  we have one[...]

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Benefits of Implementing Speech Analytics

Many businesses have taken the first step in improving their contact center and customer relations by acquiring speech analytics software But a number of these same businesses may view the task of making speech analytics fully operational in their contact center to be something they simply do not[...]

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Monitoring Customer Experience with Speech Analytics

As the customer experience continues to become the absolute defining factor in what makes today’s companies successful, there is also the growing question of what actually constitutes an “excellent” customer experience  Although it’s always a good thing, having pleasant and attentive[...]

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