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Misperceptions of Speech Analytics

To us, and our customers, it seems so clear that lacking speech analytics leaves a business or contact center at a disadvantage in terms of best practices So, why are some businesses still hesitant—why isn’t everyone using it Current Misperceptions The reason is that there are a lot of[...]

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Speech Analytics: New Best Practice in Quality Assurance

We're gearing up to participate in a dynamic discussion on October 23rd, focusing on the new best practices of quality assurance, also known as quality management programs We'll be together with other strong representatives in the industry of providing contact center solutions to businesses,[...]

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Quality Assurance Monitoring with Speech Analytics Technology

Quality assurance within a call/contact center is easily monitored and measured simply by recording customer calls (which most call/contact centers do already) and mining the audio files for keywords and phrases using a speech analytics solution   This affordable technology will quickly scan all[...]

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Monitoring Quality Assurance with a Speech Analytics Solution

Monitoring calls for quality assurance is being put into practice within businesses of all sizes and industries   The practice of recording calls and then scanning them for keywords and phrases is increasingly important to measure agent performance, customer satisfaction, the customer experience,[...]

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