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3 Reasons to Switch to Automated Call Quality Monitoring in 2024


Call quality monitoring has been around since companies started recording calls. However, the call QA technology has improved vastly over the last decade. Yet many call centers and contact centers still monitor calls by listening to a handful of call recordings and manually scoring them. If this sounds like your call center or business, then it is time for an upgrade. And here’s why.

Automating Your Call Quality Monitoring Process

Whether you’re recording conversations with prospects or customers, these recordings provide important call center metrics related to agent productivity and performance, such as Average Handle Time. Manually monitoring calls cannot give you this information in an efficient way, whereas an automated solution provides all the metrics you need right at your fingertips.

In addition, an automated call quality monitoring solution gives QA managers the ability to score and segment calls by a specific agent, agent team, transcript searches, and more. This provides managers with an understanding of which agents need coaching and in what areas. No matter your goals, an automated solution is the only way to quickly find the most relevant information you’re searching for.

Now let’s look at 3 specific reasons to automate your call QA process in the new year.

1. Improved Customer Experience

The customer experience remains a key differentiator between you and your competitors. Automated scorecards and searchable call transcriptions are invaluable tools for understanding where you stand with customers. But you can get more nuanced with features like sentiment analysis and silence and overtalk detection. These tools give QA managers hard data they can use to train agents to improve interactions with customers, and ultimately the customer experience.

2. Increased ROI

By identifying phrases commonly used by customers who make a purchase, an automated solution can help call centers tailor their sales approach and increase sales. Most importantly, automated tools extract the metrics most relevant to your business. These metrics help make informed decisions to improve business strategies, and ultimately increase ROI. Plus, with the right solution, you will recover the cost of your investment in less than a year, or sooner with some solutions.

3. Reduced Costs

An automated call review solution gives call centers the ability to quickly identify areas where they are losing money. For example, if a large number of customers are calling to cancel a service, the solution can help identify the root cause of the problem. Then, managers can coach agents to take action to reduce cancellations.

Call centers can also reduce the cost of additional resources needed to manually monitor calls and agents. The one caveat with this benefit is not to think of this as a reason to reduce staff. An automated solution is not intended to replace employees. Rather, it’s designed to give QA managers and other employees the tools they need to save time and resources.

Level Up Your Call Quality Monitoring with CallFinder

Now that you understand the benefits of automating your call call quality monitoring process, let CallFinder’s solution take your call center to the next level. Our advanced features and user-friendly software gives your agents the knowledge and confidence to improve performance. Plus, CallFinder’s Managed Client Services is unmatched by our competitors. Check out our testimonials to hear what our clients say about us. Or go ahead and schedule a demo to find out how we can help your call center in 2024!

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