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Call Script Compliance: Use Cases for Reducing Risk with Speech Analytics

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One of the biggest challenges for call centers is ensuring agents follow call scripts and protocols consistently. Even small deviations can lead to compliance issues, brand inconsistency, and poor customer experiences. In this post, you will learn how speech analytics can be an invaluable tool for monitoring call script compliance.

What is Speech Analytics?

Speech analytics uses technology that automatically analyzes recorded audio from phone calls, usually with customers. Using speech recognition and natural language processing, this software can accurately transcribe the conversations and then scan the text for specific words, phrases, topics, emotion, sentiment and more. This valuable data can then be searched, analyzed, and acted upon.

How Speech Analytics Enables Call Script Compliance

By leveraging speech analytics solutions in your contact center, you can effectively monitor every agent interaction for compliance. Scoring each agent on whether they followed the approved call scripts and protocols lets you know if they made any unauthorized statements.

Ultimately, this advanced software allows you to:

  • Identify compliance violations before it becomes a lawsuit
  • Generate reports on compliance trends over time
  • Drill down into the transcripts and recordings for quality review
  • Automate compliance scoring, reporting, and analysis

Key Use Cases for Call Script Compliance Software

Overall, speech analytics provides a data-driven approach to maintaining call script compliance standards. By automating the QA of your recorded calls, you can create accountability and consistency across the organization. With richer insights into agent performance, you can enhance coaching, quality assurance metrics, and the customer experience.

Here are some key use cases for call script compliance software, such as speech analytics:

  1. Regulatory & Legal Compliance
    For industries like banking, insurance, healthcare and others, there are strict legal requirements and regulated disclaimers that must be followed on every call. Speech analytics ensures those requirements are met.
  2. Sales Compliance & Brand Consistency
    Global brands need to ensure that agents are delivering sales scripts and product descriptions consistently. Speech analytics can catch any deviations in wording.
  3. Quality Monitoring & Agent Development
    By measuring call script compliance, you can identify agents or teams that need further coaching and training. The transcripts provide an unbiased record for review.
  4. Process Adherence
    From handling security protocols to following specific workflows, speech analytics captures process compliance metrics to optimize procedures.

How Does CallFinder Help with Script Compliance?

CallFinder ensures call script compliance for any purpose, starting with the customer experience. When customers contact your business, they expect a certain kind of experience. Therefore, requiring agents to follow a script ensures that every customer gets a similar experience each time they call. Obviously, you’ve prepared your script with the intention providing the best experience for your customers, so there’s rarely any reason for your representatives to go “off script.”

The problem is that most companies struggle to improve CX or compliance for one reason and one reason only: they listen to a handful of random calls per agent per month. This is simply not enough. Seeing trends and patterns in 100% of your calls provides everything you need to reduce non-compliance issues.

That’s where CallFinder’s speech analytics solution can help. CallFinder scores 100% of your calls with insights into caller or agent sentiment, silence and overtalk, and searchable transcripts with robust reporting. 

With CallFinder, we get to hear every single call from all the agents, making it easier to detect errors. Not only that, but bringing issues to the agent’s attention has helped improve compliance because the agents now read the scripts verbatim – now they know that they have to say it in every call. CallFinder helps out a lot with the dispute process, which is very important for us. Otherwise, we get hit with a lawsuit. CallFinder has been a lifesaver. 

Jazmin Damaso Lucas, QA Manager

You can easily see how often your agents deviate from your script using CallFinder’s software. Our expert Analysts will help you create custom searches for keywords and phrases and categorize your calls based on your specific business needs. You can even compare agents or the agent teams who handle certain calls.

Then simply review the reports and scorecards to identify the agents who may need additional training to maintain compliance with your script. But the best thing about CallFinder is the Managed Client Services that we offer to help our clients get the most out of our solution. Plus, we do all the heavy lifting during our easy implementation to get you up and running in a matter of weeks.

Learn about all the benefits of CallFinder’s automated speech analytics solutions when you schedule a demo with one of our experts.

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