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woman using CallFinder's speech analytics software

Audio Mining vs. Speech Analytics

Learn how companies use CallFinder’s speech analytics technology (aka audio mining) to find key insights and improve business performance.

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Identifying Your Need for Recording and Speech Analytics Solutions

Are you are looking to gain business intelligence, increase company (or department) revenues, control costs, or diminish the overall risk of your company If you answered "yes" to any of those, then you have identified that you need a call recording and speech analytics solution to improve your[...]

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What is the Implementation Process Like at CallFinder?

Whether your goal is to gain competitive and market intelligence, ensure risk compliance, monitor agent performance, or measure the customer experience, CallFinder makes it easy to implement a speech analytics solution.

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Speech Analytics for the Marketing Manager

For many marketing managers (or VPs of marketing, Marketing Directors, etc), any insight you have into what will ultimately be a successful marketing/advertising/promotions campaign is critical There is a simple way to get your hands on those insights, and that is by having the technology in place[...]

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The CallFinder VOICE

We just launched our enewsletter, the CallFinder VOICE Sign up here to receive monthly newsletters with updates and enhancements to the speech analytics solution, industry news, and tips and advice on how to put your speech analytics solution to work for you to extract critical business[...]

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Customer Intelligence through Call Metrics, Recording, and Speech Analytics

As published in Speech Technology Magazine: New technology advancements make customer intelligence tools more available to everyone Customer intelligence provides a detailed understanding of the experience customers have when  interacting with a company, and supports the decisions businesses make[...]

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