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18 Reasons to Adopt Speech Analytics Technology in 2018

According to Call Center Week’s most recent research report, CCW Winter Executive Report: Contact Center Priorities for 2018, the customer experience and impact of agent performance on the customer experience is being looked at by companies worldwide as an important factor in successful business practices. We’ve extracted some statistics from this report to share:

With speech analytics technology for your business, you’ll have the most powerful metrics on agent-customer interactions to be able to:… Read more

Speech Analytics: Impacting the Financial Industry

The financial industry is one of the largest business fields in the world.  But traditional financial institutions are lately finding themselves vying not only with each other, but with the rising presence of online businesses, such as e-banks, as well.  Therefore, they need to make changes that give them an edge, and the best place to begin is with their contact centers.  The finance sector receives millions of calls every year, and each one of those calls contains a wealth of invaluable data.  By implementing a a real-time speech analytics solution with automated call scoring features, this data can be put to incredibly good use and provide a competitive advantage…. Read more

Improve Call Center Efficiency With Speech Analytics

With a phone call remaining the preferred way for most people to reach out to a business, many companies find themselves with a conundrum:  How to provide a top quality experience to all of their customers while maintaining a high level of efficiency.  It is possible to improve call center efficiency with speech analytics!

A company certainly doesn’t want its customers to feel like they are being rushed off of a call or that the call center agents aren’t really listening to them or fully addressing their issue. On the other hand, spending too long on just one call means long hold times for other customers – customers who may just get tired of waiting and take their business to a competitor. Not to mention the fact that the customer currently on the line probably doesn’t want to spend a ton of time on the phone, either. So how can a company give customers what they want in the most efficient way possible?… Read more

Monitor Marketing & Sales Activities with Speech Analytics

In order for a business to be truly successful these days, it must put the customer first. To provide outstanding customer experiences, not only is the contact center a key place to start, it is also important to monitor your marketing and sales departments with speech analytics. As the importance of the customer experience continues to be acknowledged, businesses must also be aware that providing this experience is not solely the call center’s responsibility. All factions play a role, particularly sales and marketing. These two departments must focus on knowing customers’ desires and making them a reality…. Read more

Exceptional Customer Experiences with Speech Analytics

With technology continually evolving these days, people have more ways to communicate with each other than ever before. And not just socially – customers who wish to contact a business now have multiple options to help resolve any issues or answer any questions they may have.  Yet even with all their choices, most customers still prefer one specific factor when it comes to business interactions – a human touch.

Recent studies show 4 out of 10 people would rather speak with a live representative at a business [1].  Even for those customers who initially attempt a self-service solution, half find themselves still reaching out to a live person at some point.  And 8 out of 10 people prefer to speak with a live rep via the telephone [1].  These phone calls provide opportunities to not only assist the customer, but provide them with an excellent experience that could make them loyal brand ambassadors.  Here are some ways companies can ensure their customers’ happiness each time they call…. Read more