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Improve Contact Center Performance with Agent Scorecards

Since studies show most people prefer to use the telephone when they need to reach out to a company (especially if they have a more complex issue they need assistance with), it should come as no surprise that contact centers account for the majority of businesses’ organizational costs.  The performances of contact center executives are judged based on metrics that reflect how well-organized their operations are, as well as cost management.  Therefore, it is vital that a contact center’s efficiency can be both accurately measured and successfully improved upon…. Read more

Automated Call Scoring: Focus On Customer Experience

In days past, businesses operated with a market-centric strategy, meaning their focus was primarily on their products and how best to sell them to the public. But times have changed, and businesses now understand that in order to be successful, they must instead be customer-centric. Customers wield far more power today than ever before, and keeping them happy is vital. But while some think this happiness is achieved by providing low prices and enticing promotions, studies show what customers really desire when interacting with a business is a great experience…. Read more