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3 Reasons You Need a Call Center Monitoring Plan in 2023

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Call Center Monitoring Strategies

For years, you’ve heard that customer experience is the key to success for any business. This will not change in 2023, according to recent studies that show CX continues to play a critical role in determining customer loyalty. In fact, poor customer service has the potential to cost a company $75B in lost revenue. This number is simply too large to ignore.

In terms of business interactions, 75% of customers still prefer to speak with a live person over other communication options. That’s why many companies employ a call center monitoring strategy, which includes monitoring call center agent performance and call center metrics. Call monitoring is crucial to ensuring a good customer experience. But with manual monitoring, you’re only analyzing 2% of calls on average, so you’re missing a ton of important information.

That’s why you need a plan for using this data. With that, here are three ways a comprehensive call center monitoring strategy provides all the data you need to enhance the customer experience.

1. Attract New Customers

A reputation for good customer service is a boon for any business. It’s rare to find a business that consistently treats its patrons with genuine respect and empathy, especially in the call center. So customers know the value in finding a company that meets this expectation. Not only will a good experience make customers more likely to purchase from that company, but it also creates a ripple effect.

Nearly 90% of customers recommend a brand to friends and family following a good experience, and they’ll recommend it to their friends, and coworkers, and so forth. A call center monitoring strategy guarantees that every agent has the skills required to consistently deliver an exceptional customer experience.

2. Boost Customer Retention

Once someone becomes a customer, the next step is keeping that person as a customer. A good experience cannot be a one-time event; it must be consistant. Over 90% of customers say they will no longer do business with a company after three bad experiences. Therefore, well-trained agents with good listening skills are invaluable.

Automated call center monitoring tools, such as sentiment analysis and emotion detection, help develop these skills. Agents learn how to best resolve difficult situations and identify common customer pain points, leading to more satisfied customers. And satisfied customers are more likely to stay with a company, which means more revenue. Even a 5% increase in customer retention raises profits between 25% – 95%.

3. Strengthen Brand Loyalty

Did you know 95% of customers connect customer service to brand loyalty? It’s true! A good customer experience means 76% of customers will stay with a brand, while 80% will increase patronage. A call center monitoring plan that includes speech-to-text transcripts makes it easy to find different ways to enhance the customer experience. Here’s how.

Call center managers can quickly search automated call transcriptions for common words and phrases that reveal how customers truly feel about a brand. Once businesses learn what customers like and dislike about a particular product or service, they can transform this information into actionable insights to improve business processes. As a result, customers feel truly heard and are more likely to remain loyal to that particular brand.

An exceptional customer experience sets any business apart. Don’t leave customer experience to chance. Make sure your call center is ready for 2023 and beyond.

Let CallFinder help you create a call center monitoring plan to improve CX and every aspect of your business in 2023. Schedule your demo today!

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