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Webinar Recap: Transforming Call Center Quality Monitoring to Improve MX

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On May 23, 2023, CallFinder and CU Times hosted the webinar round table, “How Credit Unions Are Transforming Call Reviews to Elevate Member Experience.” The webinar featured three of our credit union clients—Verve, a Credit Union (~63,000 members), 4Front Credit Union (~100,000 members), and Centris Federal Credit Union (~126,000 members). Each speaker shared how CallFinder’s Speech Analytics Solution has empowered their teams to switch from manual call reviews and outdated QA processes to modern, automated call center quality monitoring solutions.

The panel speakers provided insights about six key themes through an engaging discussion moderated by CU Times. Hundreds of attendees had the opportunity to learn about the clients’ similar and unique experiences with CallFinder, and how the solution has improved their call center operations. Here are some highlights from the round table:

Save Time Through a Proactive Call Review Approach

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of using CallFinder is how much time it saves. Using an automated call center quality monitoring process is a game changer for our clients. And this is best reflected in some of the highlighted quotes from the credit union clients during the webinar:

“The time savings alone is astronomical. The results are instantaneous. Previously, our team would spend upwards of 1-2 weeks per month manually reviewing calls to make sure agents were verifying the members properly and using the right language. CallFinder saves time so we can coach on specific habits.”
– Nicole Crawford, Centris Federal Credit Union

“Before CallFinder, it took us ~100 hours per month to evaluate all our calls. Now, we can evaluate every call in ~30 seconds. It only takes a few mouse clicks and all 10,000 calls per month are in the database in seconds.”
– Cheryl Beams, Verve, a Credit Union

“CallFinder helps us verify logged referrals. We have a monthly goal of 20 percent referrals for phone agents. With CallFinder, we can go through and sort referrals by agents within the platform. It’s almost instantaneous compared to the way we were doing it before.”
– Henry Antonov, 4Front Credit Union

Make Data-Driven Decisions Based on Trends

Another advantage of using CallFinder for your call center quality monitoring needs is how easily you can pick out trends. For instance, Managers and and Agent Coaches use our silence and overtalk detection feature to help decide which agents are doing well and which agents need more coaching.

“Data on emotion, silence, overtalk, and sentiment all play a role in call control, which we constantly look for in calls, especially with new agents. Good call control improves AHT and increases efficiency. This goes hand-in-hand with agent confidence. Instead of blanket coaching everyone, we can coach specific agents that need guidance in certain areas.”
– Henry Antonov, 4Front Credit Union

“The reporting allows us to help our naturally competitive team. Everything ranging from dynamic labels to quantifying sentiment makes it easier to coach, which helps to build team morale. Our reps want to do better and ask for coaching to help them improve.”
– Nicole Crawford, Centris Federal Credit Union

“We can report on key call categories. We can see the call labels, talk time, and the number of calls in that category, and drill into these different call types to see who is answering them to make sure our call routing is going correctly, and we have the right people in different skills groups.”
– Cheryl Beams, Verve a Credit Union

Improve Member Experience with Soft Skills

“We really focus on positive language. We are super proud that our emotion and sentiment have remained consistent ever since implementing CallFinder, which is a testament to our onboarding process. When we train new employees, I show them quantifiable data so they understand why their positive language means so much. The words that agents use with members really do make a difference in our member service, and overall loyalty and satisfaction.”
– Nicole Crawford, Centris Federal Credit Union

Gain Insights with Sentiment & Emotion Analysis

At CallFinder, we understand that credit unions focus on their members because this is part of what makes a credit union unique. With CallFinder, there are many ways to ensure that credit union members get the best experience through coaching soft skills. Here’s what the presenters had to say about using sentiment analysis and emotion analysis to quickly determine where those soft skills are missing.

“The CallFinder transcripts help locate issues very quickly. We can forward coaching opportunities to leadership and correct any behaviors that are needed. For example, we had a friendly agent with a great tone, but they made the call sound like a checklist without taking the member’s empathy statements into consideration. The transcripts help ensure that agents are focusing on empathy and natural conversational exchanges with members.”
– Henry Antonov, 4Front Credit Union

“There was no visibility into sentiment before. [Previously monitoring] five calls per person was not enough data to do anything meaningful with. Now, we can talk about word choices, de-escalation, and run reports to understand more about call mood.”
– Cheryl Beams, Verve a Credit Union

Ease of Implementation

“Implementation was a breeze. The CallFinder team allowed us to work at a pace that was comfortable for us. It is nice that the solution is not intrusive and does not impact other systems or solutions that were previously installed.”
– Henry Antonov, 4Front Credit Union

Watch How Easy it is to Integrate with CallFinder

We believe in making life for our clients easy, and that’s why we’ve designed CallFinder to be as “IT-Light” as possible. This means you don’t have to use extra resources to integrate our solution into your call center quality monitoring platform. Watch our video to learn more.

“I previously spent 10 years at an IT help desk to answer questions about internal software projects. In comparison [to those projects], implementing CallFinder was so easy. I basically sat back and let our analyst set up everything because we didn’t have time to be hands-on in the beginning. It took about 10 hours of our time spread over several weeks between me, the team leads, and our IT department. We let CallFinder do about 98% of the work. Implementation was the easiest thing ever. It was awesome!”
– Cheryl Beams, Verve a Credit Union

“Over my nine years at Centris, I’ve seen a core system conversion, online banking system conversion, debit card conversion, and phone system conversation. Implementing CallFinder was by far the most enjoyable experience that I have been through. It was a wonderful and painless process, especially in comparison to the long hours spent on the major conversions.”
– Nicole Crawford, Centris Federal Credit Union

Managed Solution and Analyst Support

“The communication with CallFinder has been prompt and they are always available. It is not like they set you up and then put you to the side. As time goes on, they are still available and respond very quickly.”
– Henry Antonov, 4Front Credit Union

Learn More About Our Analysts in This Video

This is what makes CallFinder unique. No other call center quality monitoring solution gives you support and guidance from an assigned Analyst who cares about your success. Learn more about our Managed Client Services in our video.

“I think one of the best parts of having an assigned analyst is that they come to us with ideas from other clients/experiences and mention how those cases might apply to us. They encourage us to try and do something different to help us accomplish our goals.”
– Cheryl Beams, Verve a Credit Union

“Your analyst is always there for you to help adjust whatever you need. It has been an excellent experience for us.”
– Nicole Crawford, Centris Federal Credit Union

ROI: Manual QA Vs. Automated QA

Lastly, if you’re looking to get your ROI on a call center quality monitoring solution, look no further. Here’s how our clients always get their return on their investment in CallFinder.

“I would never go back to a manual QA process. I can quantify our investment in time. 16 agents, 3-5 calls, 30 minutes per call. If you choose a random call, you spend at least 30 minutes listening to a call and then do recaps. This can take one to two weeks to complete. CallFinder scores 100 percent of our calls that are over 1 minute and 30 seconds long. All I do is audit them and that takes me a couple of days instead of a couple of weeks. I don’t think I would ever go back to manual again.”
– Nicole Crawford, Centris Federal Credit Union

“The difference between manual and automated QA is very large. Switching back would be detrimental to us and other departments that are using CallFinder. As we continue to grow, the need for automated QA only goes up. Being able to knock out the phone call scoring, monitoring, reviewing, and researching, makes a huge difference.”
– Henry Antonov, 4Front Credit Union

“I will never go back to manual QA. The opportunity cost where your agents or managers can be doing something else… It’s not worth it.”
– Cheryl Beams, Verve a Credit Union

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