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CallFinder Announces Partnership with OrecX

CallFinder Announces Partnership with OrecX to Deliver Affordable Speech Analytics Solutions With Call Recording to Small and Medium Sized Businesses and Contact Centers

BURLINGTON, Vermont, July 3, 2018 – CallFinder® announces today a partnership with OrecX, the world leader of open source call recording applications for call centers, communication service providers, and AI-enabled speech analytics providers. Integrating OrecX’s call recording software—in both open-source and commercial applications—with CallFinder’s advanced, cloud-based speech analytics technology empowers small and medium size businesses to improve agent performance, automate quality monitoring, and provide a superior customer experience.

“We’re pleased to partner with CallFinder’s speech analytics platform, adding value to our award-winning call recording platform,” said Steve Kaiser, CEO of OrecX. “Integrating CallFinder’s powerful and easy to use platform will make it possible for OrecX customers to automate reporting of conversations within all recorded calls, without the risk of listening to only a small sample. Integrating with CallFinder’s speech analytics software provides another opportunity for customers to leverage OrecX’s platform to gain valuable insights that ultimately close knowledge gaps within the call handling processes and operations.”

This new partnership provides an excellent call recording option for using CallFinder’s speech analytics: securing a competitive edge through the highly efficient, automated categorization of agent and customer spoken content. This landmark feature of CallFinder’s speech analytics solution identifies trends that are crucial to building effective strategies to improve agent performance and customer satisfaction. Combined with CallFinder’s renowned MyAnalyst client support services to ensure that businesses are fully optimizing the software, OrecX customers should see a marked difference in revenues.

“CallFinder’s speech analytics platform empowers businesses to enhance their call quality monitoring initiatives through automated reporting and call scoring of recorded conversations,” said Cliff LaCoursiere, VP of CallFinder. “Instead of monitoring a small sample set of their calls, businesses can automatically scan 100% of their daily agent-customer calls. Our expert MyAnalyst engineers help businesses take advantage of the versatility of our speech analytics technology with training and ongoing support to customize our software to analyze KPI’s relevant to all areas of their business, including Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Operations, or any category that offers valuable business insights. Ultimately, listening to what customers truly want and using those insights to improve the customer experience is proven to have a direct impact on bottom line revenues.”

About CallFinder
CallFinder is a leading provider of cloud-based speech analytics solutions that offers a powerful, flexible, and easy to use way to improve agent performance and customer experience. Since 2011, CallFinder’s speech analytics solutions have been uncovering business insights for small to medium-sized businesses with contact centers. CallFinder systematically scans thousands of phone conversations to surface actionable intelligence and trends that transform unstructured, unleveraged data into insights that can be immediately applied to business to improve business outcomes. With CallFinder, businesses can easily discover the conversations that will generate more business, automate quality assurance, retain customers, work more effectively, and gather critical business intelligence. Cloud-based speech analytics offers real-time analysis of customers’ needs at a dramatically lower cost for implementation and support when compared to premise-based solutions. Learn more about the benefits of speech analytics at

About OrecX LLC
OrecX’s award-winning call recording software is powered by an open, scalable and extensible design that meets the diverse requirements of call centers, VoIP communication providers, large enterprises, and small business at a fraction of the cost and complexity of proprietary closed-end solutions. OrecX’s open recording architecture promotes enhancements with third party voice analytics and workforce optimization solutions, further extending the value of the software for partners and clients. OrecX is the primary developer and sponsor of the Oreka GPL open source call recording project hosted on Sourceforge, with more than 178,000 unique downloads and millions of users in over 195 countries. Among others, OrecX’s software has received accolades from Linux World – Best New Use of Open Source, TMC Labs – Innovation Award and Contact Center Technology Award, Unified Communications and Customer Interaction Solutions – Product of the Year, and Insights Success – Top 50 Most Valuable Tech Companies. Learn more at

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