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Analyst Services

CallFinder Solutions Support

CallFinder solutions have been developed to provide out of the box value for businesses that want to improve agent performance and the customer experience.  We understand that to compete, you must optimize your unique business processes to drive revenue and reduce operational costs.  That’s why we have designed our solutions to easily be customized to meet your business requirements. We design our solutions with people, the users, in mind so you and your team are empowered with technology, regardless if your team is made up of tech-savvy users, or technology reluctant users, or a combination of both.

MyAnalyst – Simple Integration and Superior Support Services

While the CallFinder network and user interface provides easy access to your call data and uses a simple, user-friendly display, we realize the importance of thorough training with a new technology implementation. This is why we offer superior support to all customers, all the time.

All CallFinder clients are supported by MyAnalyst, which includes a dedicated speech analytics specialist to ensure that businesses optimize the value derived from CallFinder.

Onboarding with MyAnalyst Services

MyAnalyst services recognize that not all businesses employ business and data analysts to keep tabs on the health of key business metrics and measures. At the same time, businesses recognize that they need the expertise on staff to keep the business growing. That’s where CallFinder MyAnalyst services come in. Consider us your speech analytics partner and part of your team, working together to achieve your business goals and objectives. We provide tailored one-on-one training and support that enable your business to derive actionable information from CallFinder solutions. Our business analysts will assist in transforming your manual businesses processes into automatically delivered reports that measure and score to help you manage key business metrics.

With MyAnalyst support services, a designated CallFinder Specialist works with you and your team through implementation and discovery phases, building and refining call categories, search phrases, and scorecards to meet company objectives.

CallFinder’s unique support program and team of speech analytics specialists is unmatched and one of the many elements of why working with us is the right choice for small to medium sized businesses.

Speak With a CallFinder Specialist Today

If you’re interested in adding powerful search technology like CallFinder speech analytics to your suite of call center solutions, please contact us today. Our knowledgeable CallFinder Specialists will work with you to determine your objectives, the scope of a potential engagement, discuss the possibility of a free assessment, and answer any questions you may have on how cloud-based speech analytics solutions from CallFinder can fit with your business.