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Implementation & Superior Support

While the CallFinder solution features a user-friendly dashboard that provides easy access to your call data and scorecard reports, we realize the importance of thorough training with a new technology implementation. That’s why we offer superior support to all customers, all the time. All CallFinder clients are supported by our unparalleled MyAnalyst Client Support service, which includes a dedicated speech analytics specialist to ensure that your business optimizes the value of CallFinder’s solution.

Our knowledgeable CallFinder Specialists will work with you to determine your objectives, the scope of a potential engagement, discuss ways you can implement our solution to meet your goals, and answer any questions you may have about speech analytics and call scoring technology. Schedule a demo to see why CallFinder’s client support outperforms the competition in every possible way.

What You Get with CallFinder’s Expert MyAnalyst Support Team

Our MyAnalyst Client Support services recognize that not all businesses employ business and data analysts to keep tabs on the health of key business metrics and measures. At the same time, businesses recognize that they need the expertise on staff to keep the business growing. After all, we understand that business plans change: new agents come on board, new phrases are identified, scripts are modified, and business goals and needs shift.

That’s why CallFinder’s unique support program and team of speech analytics specialists is unmatched and one of the many elements of why working with us is the right choice.

Consider us your speech analytics partner and part of your team, working together to achieve your business goals and objectives.

Onboarding with MyAnalyst Services

We provide tailored one-on-one training and support that enables your business to derive actionable information from the CallFinder solution. Our speech analytics business analysts will assist in transforming your manual Quality Assurance or Quality Monitoring businesses processes into automatically delivered scorecards and reports that measure key business metrics and help you manage your business and contact center operations.

With MyAnalyst Client Support services, a designated CallFinder Specialist works with you and your team of stakeholders to define company objectives and establish a plan of approach to creating the assets you need to capture and extract valuable business insights from your customer interactions.

Beyond Implementation with MyAnalyst Services

Consider us as part of your team. Our support services continue beyond the initial implementation stage with consistent training of new and existing users and stakeholders, guidance and support in creating new assets with the CallFinder solution, and setting up your team for success. As your business evolves and your goals change, you have access to the support of your MyAnalyst team.

CallFinder’s unique support program and team of speech analytics specialists is unmatched, and one of the many elements of why working with us is the right choice for SMBs and contact centers.

If you’re interested in adding CallFinder’s advanced speech analytics software to your suite of contact center solutions, please contact us today.

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