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CallFinder's automated call scoring improves agent performance by providing a reliable, consistent, and accurate scoring methodology.

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Automated Call Scoring from CallFinder

You need to assess individual agents and teams. With CallFinder, you can accomplish both with consistency and accuracy. Automated call scoring from CallFinder allows you to develop a reliable method for evaluating agent-customer conversations, while delivering a consistent scoring methodology across individual agents and teams. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of how your agents are performing with our call scoring and call categorization technology.

Business Value of Scorecards

With CallFinder’s automated scorecards, you can evaluate how your agents are performing on an individual agent or agent team basis. This capability enables you to provide feedback to individual agents as well as your whole team — feedback they can use to improve agent performance and improve the customer experience, and more

  • Decrease agent turnover
  • Improve contact center efficiency
  • Increase customer retention
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Improve morale among agents and teams

How Does Call Scoring Work?

Call scoring begins by identifying the criteria that makes a call successful, i.e. leading to a conversion, or compliant with the agent staying on-script. Use these insights to compare your agents’ performance against a predetermined set of standards. This allows you to facilitate and track individual agent and team progress and eliminates bias and works to improve quality assurance monitoring equally across the board.


Simplify Interaction Analysis With Call Categorization

We understand that listening to every call in its entirety is not a possibility given time and financial constraints. Real-time call categorization is a fundamental component of our speech analytics solution. Call categorization automatically tags call recordings that contain certain keywords and phrases.

With CallFinder’s speech analytics solution, you can organize all of your conversations into a clear picture of sales call interactions. Speech Analytics works by taking unstructured audio and giving it structure so it can be indexed for easy search of key words and phrases in the call content.

Results of these searches are organized and aggregated into categories, which can then roll up into reports, such as a sales effectiveness scorecard, or an objection or competitor mentions report.

CallFinder will categorize 100% of your calls and make them available for review and analysis within one or multiple searches that you have defined within the dashboard.

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