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Speech Analytics Benefits

Speech Analytics Benefits

Speech Analytics Software Delivers Business Metrics – Quickly & Affordably

The benefits of running call recordings through an audio mining solution, like CallFinder speech analytics, are endless. Businesses of all sizes and throughout all industries, including call centers and contact centers, can access and extract critical business insights contained in the conversations taking place between employees, agents, and their customers.

For example, if you’re looking for data on the average amount of time it takes your call center to convert a caller to a sale you can easily access that information by creating CallFinder searches and reports to segment your calls by completed sales. Then, use a sub-set of those calls to average the call durations for any period of time you choose; one day, one week, one month, for example. You can also further define your searches by specific agent, using employee tracking codes.

Extract Call  Metrics Important to Your Business with CallFinder

By automatically monitoring your recorded conversations with customers, you’ll have access to reporting metrics like:

  • Agent productivity and performance.
  • Average call handling times.
  • Call abandon rates, when a customer hangs up before the issue is resolved.
  • Call conversion rates.
  • Call transfer rates.
  • Call wait times.
  • Cost per call.
  • First call resolution rates.
  • Script compliance by agent.
  • Up-sell and Cross-sell rates.
  • Along with other key performance indicators you can set for your call center staff.

Use CallFinder’s cloud-based speech analytics software to extract  metrics relevant to your business and use that knowledge to make informed strategic business decisions that will improve company procedures, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience.

Use Voice Analytics to Improve Agent Performance

While having access to voice analytics like the metrics mentioned above can help you streamline procedures, reduce costs and improve the experience consumers have with your business, the list of voice analytics benefits is even longer. One of the biggest speech analytics benefits is that the technology gives you the opportunity to improve the performance of your individual call center agents as well as your overall team.

When you get a voice analytics software system from CallFinder, you’ll enjoy the best speech analytics available to business owners and managers. Our analytics will give you access to information you can use to help your team perform better quickly.

If you use our speech analytics technology in your business, you’ll have the best software for call analytics at your disposal. You can use our affordable, cloud-based technology to:

  • Identify Agent Deficits and Competencies: Our voice analytics includes quantitative and qualitative data you can use to identify areas where your agents need further training and areas where they excel. Once you know these things, you can personalize the training you provide for your agents.
  • Provide Meaningful Feedback: Once you figure out where an individual agent excels and where they need more training, it enables you to give more precise feedback during the coaching sessions you share with the individual. If one of your agents isn’t meeting your expectations for first call resolution, for instance, our speech analytics technology enables you to retrieve specific call recordings you can use to demonstrate how the person can do better. When an agent has a concrete example of an instance in which they could have performed better, you can provide more meaningful and effective feedback to help them improve.
  • Set Realistic, Achievable Goals: One of the benefits of speech analytics is that this technology helps you to set realistic and achievable goals for individual agents and your whole team. Rather than telling a struggling agent that they need to meet the company’s standard for first call resolution quickly, you can use or voice analytics software system to set up an action plan. This can set the employee up for success and allow you to monitor their progress during a designated period of time. By monitoring the person’s progress, you’ll be able to take further corrective action faster when necessary to help the agent achieve their performance goal(s).

Clearly, phonetics-based analytics technology can provide benefits for your business or call center in several key areas, including reducing costs, retaining customers, increasing revenue and improving agent performance. Learn more about CallFinder quality monitoring and call scoring technology by taking a free demo of the CallFinder solution.


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