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Call Categorization

Categorize Calls Using Key Phrases from Customer-Agent Conversations

Sort, Tag, & Categorize Agent-Customer Interactions.

Call categorization is a critical piece of indexing and analyzing the thousands of conversations taking place between your employees and your customers every day.With automatic categorization of conversations using customized key phrases for your business, you can easily access, review, and analyze calls to obtain business insights, identify conversation patterns and trends, and make strategic decisions to move your business forward.

CallFinder’s call categorization algorithm is more accurate than manual call categorization, and certainlymore efficient, eliminating hours of manual reviewing and reporting of call metrics.

Simplify Interaction Analysis With Call Categorization

We understand that listening to every call in its entirety is not a possibility given time and financial constraints. Real-time call categorization is a fundamental component of our speech analytics solution. Call categorization is a method of automatically tagging call recordings that contain certain keywords and phrases you have identified as important to your business.

With the help of a speech analytics solution you can begin to organize all of your conversations into a clear picture of sales call interactions. Speech Analytics works by taking unstructured audio and giving it structure so it can be indexed for easy search of key words and phrases in the call content.  Results of these searches are organized and aggregated into categories, which can then roll up into reports, such as a sales effectiveness scorecard, or an objection or competitor mentions report.

CallFinder will categorize 100% of your calls and make them available for review and analysis within one or multiple searches that you have defined within the dashboard.

Our real-time speech analytics solution allows you to identify,quantify, and qualify customer conversations that contain the specific keywords and phrases that you define.

Easily Categorize Conversations As They Happen

CallFinder’s speech analytics and call categorization technology is powerful and flexible. We understand that your objectives, keywords, and phrases are completely unique to your business. Through extensive work with our customers, we have discovered that there are some common business challenges that tend to be presented in agent-customer conversations for small to medium sized businesses.

Common business objectives include:

  • Gaining business insights – capture the customer experience, identify product and purchase trends across your customer base, and identify valuable leads.
  • Ensuring script compliance – monitor the percent of employees that stay on script, and identify the ones that need redirection.
  • Improving workforce training – identify instances of non-compliance, or where no appointment is set, to retrain agents who are not following the new script.
  • Improving sales and marketing effectiveness – categorize calls by source of inquiry and collect statistics on the frequency of client inquiries about specific products.

There are other common business goals, which can be addressed through call categorization of your agent-customer interactions.

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