National Tubs Company Uses CallFinder To Improve Agent Training & CX


The walk-in tub maker did not have an efficient or reliable method for monitoring agent-customer interactions and gathering vital business insights. The company relied on one employee to manually monitor calls, which was time-consuming and did not provide a full representation of conversations with customers.

As a result, they were not able to effectively:

  • Assess agent script compliance and identify agent training opportunities.
  • Measure the customer experience by ensuring agents are consistently providing accurate information.
  • Segment callers by their inquiry type and gather business intelligence.

CallFinder’s Solution

The company saw CallFinder as an opportunity to automatically collect, extract, analyze, and score the vast data contained within the thousands of daily agent-customer interactions. The Confirmation Manager, along with the Vice President of Marketing, worked closely with a CallFinder Specialist to identify the phrases they wanted to monitor, build the searches, and then analyze the data.

CallFinder Impact
Monitoring script compliance provides a clear indication of training opportunities. As a result of recent script changes, the Confirmation Manager used CallFinder to identify which agents were using outdated versions of the script. This allows swift follow-up coaching with agents to get them on track.

Providing accurate information improves the customer experience. Using CallFinder, the business “discovered certain pricing terminology was being used by agents, which was not in line with what we wanted them to say,” says the Confirmation Manager. CallFinder identified these instances and allowed for timely agent coaching. “Before having CallFinder in place, we were not capturing the true frequency of the issue, and as a result were not addressing the agents’ non-compliance,” he says.

Gathering data on customer needs increases marketing effectiveness. With searches created in CallFinder, the business can extract quantifiable data on the frequency of calls the company receives from people asking about VA pricing benefits, as well as information on Medicaid and Medicare qualifying products. CallFinder gives the manufacturer the tools they need to uncover customer trends, as well as data to add to the target client profile. Using this knowledge, the company and its agents address these calls more accurately and are ultimately able to deliver an exceptional client experience.

Experience Working with CallFinder
CallFinder has proven its value as the company continues to build new searches and scorecards to monitor agents and find new training opportunities when scripts change, or new products are launched. Additionally, statistical reports and overviews provide ways to gain intelligence on the market.

The Confirmation Manager says, “We view CallFinder as an additional money-making tool. The knowledge we gain from analyzing our calls is helping to make us better at what we do – improving people’s lives.” The company’s marketing and compliance teams expect CallFinder will continue to help them narrow the gap with script compliance, improve the customer experience, and ultimately add revenue to the bottom line.

Better Customer Experiences

Identify agent training opportunities

Monitor the customer experience

Track the nature of caller inquiries

Identified agents who are not compliant with the company script.

Located instances where agents provided outdated information.

Categorized calls automatically to easily pinpoint pricing inquiries.

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"With CallFinder, we discovered that some agents were using incorrect pricing terminology during calls. CallFinder helped us identify and address the issue, redirecting agents to the preferred language, which improved the conversations with our clients."
CONFIRMATION MANAGER, Custom Walk-In Tub Company

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