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How to Improve Customer Experience with Speech Analytics

We recently shared some of the most common use cases for speech analytics We covered how to improve customer experience, agent performance, and sales and marketing decisions In this article, we will focus on how to improve customer experience with speech analytics The customer experience is[...]

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5 Contact Center Trends to Watch Out For in 2020

2020 is here, and businesses are determining which practices are most likely to improve operations and grow revenue While there's no one-size-fits-all solution for every company, it’s clear the main focus this year will be customer experience (CX) And for many businesses, CX begins in the[...]

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What Bob’s Burgers Can Teach Customer Service Managers

What Does a TV Show Have to Do with Managing CS Agents We understand that some CS managers reading this will be skeptical about the "lessons" they can learn from a TV show But our previous blog post with some lessons from “Bob’s Burgers” was wildly popular We'd like to think it's because[...]

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How to Prevent Credit Card Fraud with Speech Analytics

Credit card fraud is an ongoing concern for both businesses and customers Hundreds of thousands of financial fraud reports are recorded annually, with people finding themselves victims of erroneous charges or even worse, identity theft And while those who would illicitly access financial data[...]

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3 Simple Tips for Dealing with Angry Customers

While it's important to meet certain business expectations, such as sales and fulfillment quotas, it's just as important to meet customer expectations In fact, the customer experience is critical to any business's success That's why meeting and even exceeding customer expectations should be a[...]

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Using Consumer Data to Improve the Customer Experience

Last week, we looked at why companies don't focus on the customer experience This week we'll give you some ways to use consumer data to improve the customer experience But first, a few stats to drive home the importance of the customer experience Studies show a negative customer experience[...]

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