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Gaining Business Insights Through Call Monitoring

What is the best way to know something for sure To experience it yourself To see or hear something makes it real for you and cuts to the truth Using call monitoring of your employees can bring business insights that you might not otherwise have Controlling Customer Experience When customers call[...]

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6 Fundamentals of a Sound Speech Analytics Solution

A Solid Speech Analytics Solution Born From A Proven Telecom Network We realize that every call is important to a business, and over the course of 24 years in business, we have strategically built our telecom network with significant redundancy and size to guarantee that calls are processed and[...]

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5 Reasons Why You Need Customer Service Analysis

What’s the most important component of your business It’s not the equipment or even the products--it’s actually the customer You can replace or upgrade a product and equipment but keeping clients interested in your company is crucial Once they leave, it takes time and money to get[...]

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Who is CallFinder?

we’ve been writing and publishing articles, white papers, and other materials about speech analytics, and our unique solution, for about one year now We thought it would be good to refresh your memory on how we work, and the benefits of working with us! Affordable Call Recording, Search and[...]

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Customer Service Resolutions for 2014

This is a great article on customer service tips and approaches for 2014 Numbers 1, 10, 23 and 24 are my favorites, and are all achievable by simply monitoring current customer conversations, extracting insights, and making adjustments/improvements to your company’s approach to listening to,[...]

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Benefits of CallFinder’s Call Recording Platform

There are many benefits to using call recording technology, and many are just common sense, like you have a record of your sales and customer service calls to access if you ever need to verify customer information, confirm prices that may have been quoted, and capture important details of a[...]

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