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10 Tips to Boost Call Quality Monitoring

agents in a call center for credit union regulatory compliance blog post

Call quality monitoring is more than pointing out and correcting what’s wrong. Just as important is figuring out what works well and getting your employees to follow suit. Below you’ll find several tips to boost call quality monitoring and build a customer-focused system.

1. Don’t make call quality monitoring scary to employees. When the company’s approach is to find everything an employee did wrong during a call, employees might feel picked on and discouraged. Neither of those leads to improved scores or happy customers. Employees should understand why their jobs are important to the company. Remember to talk about the positives and strengths you recognized in addition to correcting problems. Praise quality work and get employees on board to find ways to improve the customer service process overall.

2. Perform call quality monitoring regularly to nip bad habits in the bud. Use your evaluations to check that employees understand and implement the basics, such as proper greetings and adhering to given call scripts or structures. Regular monitoring helps find issues that may be widespread or to stop issues from getting to that point.

3. Calls that stand out for their exceptional quality not only give an opportunity to praise the employee, but they can also serve as an agent coaching guide. Employees in training need to know all the do’s and don’t’s of call handling.

4. Ask employees for ideas about call quality criteria. When employees help make decisions in the company, it gives them a voice in their workplace, and it makes them more accountable for their work. Have a team of employees help define a list of call quality monitoring criteria that they believe will make them more successful at what they do. Having the knowledge of those on the front lines of customer service can be invaluable to coming up with an effective call structure.

5. Hold regular call review sessions amongst leads, managers and call monitoring staff. Rate and discuss the calls as you go along. Take time after reviewing to discuss differences in scoring. If necessary, after the session, discuss ways to streamline scoring and improve the monitoring process. This will help make the monitoring process fair and be sure that everyone has basically the same expectations when listening to calls.

6. Decrease the feeling of intimidation amongst employees by having call monitoring done in the background. Things as simple as seeing managers put on headsets put employees on edge, as they know their calls are being reviewed.

7. Develop a process for employees to dispute call quality monitoring scores, if they believe for some reason it should have been higher. Employees should be given the right to have their call reviewed by another objective person. Not only does this attribute to employee morale, but also puts the responsibility of effective call handling in hands of your employees.

8. Get your scripting right. Be sure that your call scripts hit all your call handling objectives, is easy for the employee to follow and that it is within compliance to laws and standards.

9. Dedicate time to training new and current employees about call quality monitoring. Simply handing employees a script and expecting them to read and adhere to it will not be very effective to your customer service quality efforts. Implement several training techniques, such as listening to and rating calls as a group and role playing.

10. Finally make sure that mangers, call quality monitors and employees all understand the underlying reasoning behind call quality monitoring and why a standard is important. A call that is answered in a timely fashion, handled quickly and that makes the calling customer happy or satisfied, is the perfect model. Employees need to understand how sticking to this model and using a standard call structure is vital.

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