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Compliance Risk Management

Managing compliance risk doesn't have to be difficult, especially with the right solution. CallFinder's speech analytics solution provides an easy, automated, and affordable way to monitor regulatory compliance risk.

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Compliance Risk Assessment

Managing compliance risk is a key challenge for businesses and contact centers in highly regulated industries. Protecting sensitive customer data while complying with Federal, State, and Local regulations can be an incredibly difficult task given the potential for litigation or costly fines and penalties. That's why it is imperative to implement solutions that offer data security and tools for managing regulatory and script compliance for procedures unique to your business. CallFinder's automated quality monitoring solution provides all the tools you need to assess your agents for compliance risk and to protect your customers, and your business.

Manage Risk & Compliance with CallFinder

Monitor 100% of Calls to mitigate compliance risk and keep your agents on Script

Agent Scorecards

CallFinder's easy-to-use agent scorecards monitor agent performance and allow managers to quickly flag non-compliant calls. Dramatically reduce risk by using our automated scorecards to score agents on the inclusion of a "Mini Miranda" and other key compliance indicators.
Automated Scorecards

Managed Services

No other speech analytics provider offers Managed Client Services like CallFinder. Each client is assigned to an Analyst who is always willing to help and make sure you get the most out of the CallFinder solution. Learn more about our unique managed services.
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Privacy & Security

CallFinder stores your data within a secure SOC/SSAE16-accredited data facility, and we apply both application and user-level protections to prevent users from accessing confidential information. Learn more about how we protect you and your customers.
How CallFinder Works

Exceptional customer experiences Start Here

Companies that create exceptional customer experiences are the ones who set themselves apart from the competition. CallFinder provides QA Managers with a comprehensive understanding of the customer experience while identifying the areas in which agents need more training. Request a short demo of CallFinder's solution and see what a difference CallFinder can make for your business.
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HIPAA Compliance

At CallFinder, we are dedicated to serving customers with HIPAA-compliant regulations. We are prepared with the appropriate language in our Service Order Form to address HIPAA’s rules, including the Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information, as may be required by the customer. We are also prepared to execute the appropriate Business Associate Agreement upon request. Contact us to learn more.
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We use CallFinder to identify areas where agents need additional coaching, which helps develop training content based on the trends we’ve seen within the calls. We continue to increase our compliance rates thanks to CallFinder.

Sam Wilkerson

Quality Assurance Manager
CallFinder has a great foundation, and they are continuously adding new features based on customer feedback. They created a new search algorithm based on our requests, using variable data that we sent them.

Steve Denbow

Senior Program Manager
We have been extremely happy with everything, including the setup and onboarding. All the support staff and technical folks made it very easy to get things up and running. The continuous support also makes things extremely easy.

Dave Kilby

Director of Operations