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RoadVantage Improves Contact Center Performance With Speech Analytics From CallFinder

Client Profile

Founded in 2011, RoadVantage focuses on building the best automotive aftermarket ancillary road hazard warranty products company, from the ground up. They are the fastest-growing Finance & Insurance product provider to auto dealers. The company focuses on delivering exceptional customer experiences when on calls with their service writers. They are leveraging new technology and a streamlined approach to develop innovative products and offer the highest level of customer experience.

Challenges In The Contact Center

RoadVantage was looking for a way to improve consistency in how information about processes and claims services is delivered to their service writers and customers. The business has three objectives when it comes to making sure that its agents are providing optimal customer experiences to all of their callers:

Agent Compliance: Consistency in how processes and claims services are delivered.

Coaching: Ensure that all agents follow a prescribed set of steps 100% of the time.

Customer & Service Writer Satisfaction: Ability to identify caller’s pain points.

The call center was searching for an automated solution to monitor and develop agent-customer conversations to ensure service consistency and deliver prompt and efficient adjudication of claims.

CallFinder’s Solution

Frank Diaz, Director of Claims and Contact Center Operations, has three core requirements for a speech analytics solution:

1. Easy integration with their existing telephony platform.
2. Ability to customize the solution and data to create reports unique to their business.
3. Deliver meaningful results to support coaching activities.

CallFinder is the one speech analytics solution with automated scorecards that could deliver on these requirements, was affordable, and provided support throughout the implementation process and beyond with Managed Client Support services.

Results: Reduced The Average Talk Time By 10 – 14%

RoadVantage is now using the data and insights captured through CallFinder to make strategic decisions about product changes and messaging development in order to meet customer expectations and needs.

“CallFinder gives us a lot of data, along with the ability to quickly and automatically zero in on the most relevant data to validate that our agents are meeting a prescribed set of steps when they adjudicate a claim,” says Diaz.

Script Compliance: Leveraging the insights obtained with CallFinder, RoadVantage went through a period of honing their agent scripts and messages to deliver information about claims services and processes in a consistent way across all agent-customer interactions. With simple changes to contact center operations, the company is experiencing immediate improvements in compliance, training, and the customer experience they provide.

According to Diaz, “We’re enjoying great reviews in how we’re delivering our services, and we attribute this directly to the changes made based on the insights discovered through using CallFinder to make educated, simple changes to the messages about our services.”

Coaching: The contact center agents are now aligned with the company’s messages and, through coaching efforts, are better equipped to provide optimal customer experiences, which in turn generates a higher level of loyalty from their customers.

“Our coaching efforts are now focused on ensuring that everyone in the organization is aligned and moving toward that same objective,” says Diaz. “We know that CallFinder facilitated our ability to follow a consistent process, with consistent messaging when negotiating with the claimant. With a new level of consistency, the company can also better control loss mitigation and operational efficiencies.”

Larriann Alvarado, the Claims Center Manager adds, “CallFinder revealed that our agents were not following a formalized script and would ask questions that would take the conversation with our service writers in an undesired direction.” The company used these insights to improve the scripts and retrain agents with the goal of improved call handling efficiency and reduced talk time.

“As a result of the changes we made to scripts and agent training, we’ve reduced the average talk-time by a full minute, or by 10 – 14 percent. We’re now able to get through the approval process much quicker, which means our agents can handle more calls in the same amount of time.”

Customer Experience: “With the knowledge that we’ve gained through searches and scorecards with CallFinder, we’re able to better meet customer expectations and provide a better experience,” says Diaz.

After making changes to scripts and agent training programs, RoadVantage executed a survey to their service writers to gather feedback on their call handling skills and overall performance. According to Alvarado, their service writers are reporting that calls are being handled more quickly, and they’re able to get off the phone in a shorter amount of time. All of this has a direct impact on increasing the number of claims approvals, which has a direct impact on business performance.

Diaz points out that with CallFinder, their decisions are no longer based on anecdotes, and are not subjective. They have data, extracted directly from customer interactions, to prove what their customers need, and they can aggregate the findings to influence the process of developing new marketing and sales programs and also have an effect on the end-to-end selling and claims processing process, allowing them to meet the expectations of their customers.

Experience with CallFinder
According to Diaz, “Our CallFinder Analyst took the time to work with us to figure out what the structure of our searches and scorecards should look like, and helped define our objectives for the solution in order to meet our goals of improving business processes and the customer experience.” Larriann Alvarado also adds that “the thorough training we’ve received from our CallFinder Analyst has turned me into a speech analytics guru.”

RoadVantage shares the data that is captured by CallFinder with other departments in the organization, not just the Contact Center. Doing so allows all stakeholders to access the voice of their customers, which gives them insights into their customers’ needs. This in turn helps the company develop better products and services and ultimately gives them the advantage over competitors in delivering the best possible customer experience.

Furthermore, as the company grows, they now have identified benchmarks to follow and monitor, which are proven to have a positive impact on the customer experience, and the business’s bottom line.

Better Customer Experiences

Improve agent compliance with a prescribed set of steps for a call.

Ensure consistency in how agents deliver information on processes and claim services on a call.

Identify customer pain points and set expectations to address needs more quickly.

Implement a complete solution that delivers results quickly, with easy integration.

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“We know that CallFinder facilitated our ability to follow a consistent process, with consistent messaging when negotiating with the claimant. With a new level of consistency, the company can also better control loss mitigation and operational efficiencies.”
FRANK DIAZ | Director, Claim and Contact Center Operations

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