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Collections & Debt-Recovery Business Improves Agent Performance with Automated Call Scorecards Powered by Speech Analytics

Client Profile

Since 1987, Revenue Enterprises has provided early-out and precollection services to healthcare clients. The company’s contact center fields inbound consumer inquiries and provides outreach to healthcare patients, providing costeffective and flexible receivables resolution, while delivering outstanding customer service. The business prides itself on exceptionally trained staff, utilization of the latest technologies, customer service excellence, and an unwavering commitment to compliance adherence.


  • Karie Snyder // Vice President of Operations and Compliance
  • Renee Simons // EBO Department Manager
  • Kory Eller // Recovery Services Manager

To achieve service excellence and compliance (regulatory, HIPAA), Revenue Enterprises focuses on quality monitoring of calls between agents and patients/consumers, evaluating conversations for agent performance and ensuring they are meeting compliance standards. Historically, this involved sampling calls at random, and manually identifying appropriate calls for coaching and training.

Challenges in the Contact Center:

  • Resource burden of traditional, manual quality monitoring review of call reasons
    to provide data to clients.
  • Limited resources result in monitoring only a small sample of agent-customer

The company’s contact center had a manual monitoring system in place – using Managers to review recordings of phone conversations and identify agent knowledge gaps for training and coaching opportunities. Revenue Enterprises began researching and considering speech analytics technology to enhance the technology and sophistication of their contact center, and improve quality assurance and compliance among their agents.

The Solution

Revenue Enterprises discovered the flexibility and affordability of CallFinder during their research process by implementing automated scorecard solutions. As a result, the company improved the accuracy of their quality monitoring efforts with the ability to monitor on a much greater scale by automatically analyzing and categorizing 100% of their clients’ conversations. Revenue Enterprises now gives their clients insights into specific call reasons.

Results Achieved:

  1. Increased quality monitoring to cover 100% of calls.
  2. Immediate insights into compliance rates across teams and by agent.
  3. Reallocated previous resources devoted to manual sampling to coaching.
  4. Identification of top 10 inbound call reasons.

Compliance & Training: With insights captured through quality monitoring and call scoring solutions, contact center supervisors at Revenue Enterprises are now working directly with agents to improve in all areas and are able to better train agents to achieve high standards of compliance while delivering exceptional customer experiences to callers. The business discovered scripting issues were causing a high lack of compliance and poor communication with callers. Revenue Enterprises leveraged call data directly from CallFinder to educate agents on what they can control
during the conversation in order to achieve good scores and exceed compliance expectations, which are critical to the business, and to their clients.

“CallFinder provides the tools we need to highlight and refine inconsistent speech patterns of our agent which may not be in line with our policies, the policies of our healthcare clients, or with our scripting mandates”

Karie Snyder, VP Operations

Valuable Call Reason Data: CallFinder is helping Revenue Enterprises work with their clients to uncover why consumers are calling into the contact center. Access to these insights allows the business and their clients to collaborate and provide patients with the information they need, in turn reducing inbound calls, achieving first-call resolution, ensuring consistency across all interactions, and helping their clients’ customers successfully reach payment plans

“The data we receive through CallFinder specific to customer call reasons is all incredibly valuable information that we can bring back to our clients so together we can provide their patients with a much better customer experience”

Karie Snyder, VP Operations

The Experience with CallFinder: CallFinder’s solutions are applied across multiple departments of the organization, including the Recovery Service team, and soon will be used by the company’s legal department.

“With CallFinder, we have a partner that really understands our business, they know our call reasons, and they provide recommendations for changes we can make to better service our clients, and our clients’ customers.”

Karie Snyder, VP Operations
Decreased time spent on manual review of calls

Better Customer Experiences

Identify root cause of every inbound customer call.

Gather inbound call reason data to improve customer satisfaction.

Increase total calls monitored for compliance and quality assurance.

Implement solution to complement existing PCI compliance efforts

7 scorecards applied to individual agent teams to monitor 100% of calls across 100+ contact center agents.

Identified top 10 inbound call reasons for their largest clients.

Identified inconsistent language and revealed training opportunities to improve performance.

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"Educating agents on what they can control to achieve good scores and exceed call compliance expectations is critical. CallFinder is having a positive and consistent impact on our call center. We have applied coaching regarding script compliance and other agent controls to continue our focus and commitment to our customers, and to providing outstanding customer experiences"
KARIE SNYDER // Revenue Enterprises

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