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Advanced Call Tracking Reports Provide Details on Every Call

CallFinder Call Detail Report

Along with recorded calls and CallFinder speech analytics, you will have access to a suite of call tracking reports that segment your call data to provide you with tangible evidence for supporting strategic marketing and advertising decisions.

Real time call tracking analytics presents you with a wealth of precise information on incoming calls, such as caller names and addresses, missed calls, unique callers and repeat callers. This call tracking data empowers you with accurate business intelligence and eliminates the guesswork and uncertainty regarding consumer behaviors. With call details, you can make more educated business decisions to guide future business strategies.

Get a 30,000-Foot View & Drill Down Into Call Data

The suite of call tracking analytics includes detailed data reports as well as topline summary reports, including:

  • Call Detail
  • First-time Callers Detail
  • Repeat Callers Detail
  • Unique Callers Detail
  • Caller Addresses & Demographics
  • Call Duration Analysis
  • Missed Calls Report
  • Daily Call Summary
  • Hourly Call Summary
  • Zip Code Summary

One Solution to Access Call Recordings, Analytics and Tracking Reports

You can access call tracking reports directly from the CallFinder interface, making it simple to listen to calls, analyze statistical trends, make notes, and filter call data sets. You can also create and schedule reports of specific call tracking data to be delivered, and design custom call tracking reports, as you prefer to view the data.

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