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Integrated Financial Technologies (IFT) Meets & Exceeds KPIs With CallFinder

Client Profile

Integrated Financial Technologies (IFT) is a part of the Travelers Financial Group of Companies, with an advanced call center in Vancouver, Canada. IFT deploys and manages over $6 billion worth of capital in the auto, equipment, and consumer finance industries with ventures in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Challenges In The Contact Center

Because of IFT’s small QA staff, monitoring 100% of calls is their number one challenge. This also makes it difficult to ensure that Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are met through a more efficient method for evaluating agent performance. IFT needed a solution that monitors 100% of their calls for a larger call sample size to improve agent training, meet KPIs, and increase efficiency.

CallFinder’s Solution

CallFinder’s automated quality monitoring solution analyzes 100% of IFT’s client-agent interactions, delivers unbiased performance evaluations, and reveals agent and client sentiment within interactions. The insights gathered are applied across the contact center to improve agent training, increase compliance rates, and ultimately improve KPIs.

Results: Reduced The Average Talk Time By 3 Minutes & Improved Close Times By 6%

Until late 2019, the Operations team at IFT was manually listening to calls with customers one at a time. According to Gautam Salvi, Supervisor of Call Centre Operations, “We had to search for recorded calls and listen to them in order to evaluate interactions and score agent performance.” Because of this time-consuming manual review process, requiring the QA Supervisors to listen to conversations in their entirety, they were only able to review two or three calls per agent each week. This limited the QA team to reviewing a small fraction – just 5-10% – of their agent-customer interactions, leaving a wealth of conversational insights on the cutting room floor.

QA Efficiency: Once IFT started working with CallFinder’s automated quality monitoring and analytics solution, they immediately amplified their QA reviews and are now scoring 100% of the conversations between their agents and customers. “A significant benefit of using CallFinder is that I’m able to get a larger scope of our agents’ performance in a quick snapshot using the custom scorecards and reports we have built with the CallFinder solution,” says Gautam.

AHT and Close Times: Rather than basing an agent’s performance score on a small sample of three to five calls, Gautam is able to quickly access a larger sample size of the interactions every agent handles and therefore has more data and insights to shape coaching needs for his team. This has led to a 3-minute reduction in Average Handle Time (AHT), with agents now able to follow call structure and improve close times by 6%.

According to Gautam, “With this solution, I have the ability to easily zero in on specific calls with low scores that I see in our reports and scorecards and use those interactions as training opportunities for my team.”

Customer Experience: IFT’s contact centre is also using CallFinder to increase and maintain their KPIs on Inbound and Outbound calls and are seeing an improvement in call scores month over month since inception, providing a direct positive impact on the customer experience, including customer promises to pay by 6% (at 80%, up from 74%), a decrease in reported delinquencies, and clearer insights into why customers are in arrears. With custom scorecards evaluating performance, call transcripts for quick views into conversations, and sentiment analytics on every call, IFT’s Quality Management team has a complete view into the customer experience they’re delivering on behalf of their clients.

Experience with CallFinder
Gautam and Kilby attribute much of their success to the CallFinder Analyst Support team, an aspect of the CallFinder solution that cannot be matched.

Kilby says, “We are extremely happy with CallFinder. The implementation and onboarding process were excellent,” adding “and the CallFinder Analyst team made it very easy to get our scorecards and custom reports quickly – the client support is outstanding and makes the solution extremely smooth and successful.”

Better Customer Experiences

Ensure that KPIs are met and exceeded.

Monitor 100% of interactions with a small QA staff.

Reduce Average Handle Times.

Improve agent training with a larger sample size.

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“CallFinder is allowing us to access and assess large amounts of information quickly and efficiently with little to no leg work on our end. This has been a huge help for our contact centre operation.”
Dave Kilby, Manager of Operations

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