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Unlock Insights in Contact Center Calls with Speech Analytics


Today’s advanced speech analytics technology empowers contact centers to easily and automatically extract deep and meaningful business insights directly from recorded phone calls with their customers, which provides manager and supervisors with a deep understanding of customer intent and experience.

With a phonetic-based call analysis solution, your contact center becomes equipped with many capabilities to crunch data, easily and affordably, including capabilities to:

  • Track agent performance in the contact center and evaluate performance based on business goals.
  • Listen to relevant calls without having to listen to calls in their entirety, and without having to sift through irrelevant calls.
  • Record and analyze 100% of contact center calls instead of a random sampling.
  • Leverage quantitative and qualitative data to drive future business decisions, with a goal of improving the customer experience.

There are many more capabilities and benefits of a cloud-based speech analytics solution.   To learn more, contact us to schedule a free online demonstration with a CallFinder Specialist.

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