How it Works

Affordable Cloud-based Speech Analytics

CallFinder® is an affordable, cloud-based speech analytics solution that allows businesses to easily record and analyze customer conversations to extract key business insights. This powerful service finds specific, customized, spoken phrases within call recordings in real time, and then identifies and categorizes calls based on your personalized objectives.

CallFinder Speech Analytics Cloud-based Software

CallFinder quickly scans thousands of phone conversations in a systematic way, so that actionable trends begin to emerge, ultimately transforming unstructured, unleveraged data into insights that can be immediately implemented as strategic initiatives. Cloud-based speech analytics solutions offer real-time analysis of customers’ needs at a dramatically lower cost for implementation and support when compared to hardware-based analytics products.

Flexible, Scalable Delivery Options

We offer several delivery models to accommodate your need to record and monitor inbound and outbound phone calls.

Using CallFinders routed solution for processing incoming calls to record and index them for analysis has inherent benefits. The process is smooth, fast, and the services are more cost-effective since it eliminates the need for a third-party call recording vendor. Our network will record 100% of the inbound call traffic to the phone lines you choose, index the recordings through our speech analytics solution, and automatically categorize the calls based on your search definitions. Recordings are available for review immediately following call completion and are archived for six months (longer upon request). We can route calls from any toll-free or local phone number. There is no limit on the types of phone lines we can work with.

We can also process pre-recorded files using the same patent-pending speech analytics technology as our direct routed service, without requiring you to route your calls through our telecom platform. You simply send your call recordings and metadata to us for processing, and then access your call searches, audio analytics, and call reporting through the CallFinder user interface. We can process virtually any call recording format, and you can choose to send your calls as they happen, or in batches.

Simple Integration & Superior Support Services

While the CallFinder network and online dashboard provides easy-access to your call data and uses a simple, user-friendly display, we realize the importance of thorough training in new technology implementation. This is why we offer superior support to all customers, all the time.

A designated CallFinder Specialist will work with you and your team directly, take you through implementation, move into the discovery stage, and work directly with you to build and refine your custom searches to meet company objectives.

We pride ourselves on providing robust one-on-one training and support to get your chosen team comfortable with the interface, and adept at creating and refining searches to ensure that you are using CallFinder to the fullest extent.

CallFinder's Pilot Program

Your Calls. Your Objectives. Fast Results.

A pilot with CallFinder gives you the opportunity to explore the power of cloud-based speech analytics using your own call data and customer conversations. You’ll see first-hand the impressive results and insights you will gain with CallFinder’s flexible and scalable solution.

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CallFinder Technical Details & Capabilities

– Cloud-based speech analytics solution
– No external vendors, hardware or software necessary
– Automatically searches 100% of call recordings in real time
– Analyzes thousands of calls in minutes
– Proprietary, patent-pending search algorithms
– Intelligent, phoneme-based search engine
– Unlimited search phrase capability
– Searches both new and historical audio recordings
– Inclusive integration capabilities with CRM systems, lead management solutions, and call center partners


To learn more about CallFinder speech analytics and how this powerful call recording and search software will benefit your business, please contact a CallFinder Specialist at 1-800-639-1700 to schedule an online demonstration.


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