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Speech Analytics: New Best Practice in Quality Assurance


We’re gearing up to participate in a dynamic discussion on October 23rd, focusing on the new best practices of quality assurance, also known as quality management programs.

We’ll be together with other strong representatives in the industry of providing contact center solutions to businesses, helping them improve the customer experience by getting a better understanding of their agent performance, customer needs, the customer service they’re delivering, and the quality of their efforts.

In this roundtable discussion, the contributors will:

  • Demonstrate how to leverage analytics to focus QA efforts
  • Discuss customer experience mapping; customer service and its tie to operational efficiency balance
  • Discuss the capabilities of next-generation QA solutions to automate low-value, time-consuming tasks
  • Explore how the scope of contact center quality is expanding across interaction types and the back office
  • Learn tips and best practices to revitalize – and expand – the business impact of your quality programs
  • The role of speech analytics in developing & improving QA and Customer Experience programs

Ann Thayer, an account manager with CallFinder will be on the panel to share how speech analytics contributes significantly to the monitoring of quality assurance programs, and ultimately the improving the customer experience.

Callfinder.thayerAnn Thayer, CallFinder Account Manager – Speech Analytics Solutions – Ann is a seasoned customer experience professional with expertise in the financial and banking sector. Her mission is to support and train businesses in the use of call recording and speech analytics technology to extract insights from the conversations they have with their customers. She is well versed in helping organizations define their goals and objectives in using a speech analytics solution, developing search parameters and phrases necessary to achieve those goals.  Ann has been with CallFinder for two and a half years, and has full knowledge of phonetic and cloud-based audio mining solutions, and call routing technology.

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