Call Center Quality Assurance

Improving Quality Assurance to Enhance the Customer Experience

Customer satisfaction is the key to success and the good reputation of any organization. The latest automated call quality monitoring and quality assurance systems, like CallFinder speech analytics, is designed to fortify this all-important aspect of business success.

Beyond Call Recording and Quality Assurance

Analyzing business calls to find the “voice” of customers is becoming standard business practice among companies of all sizes, throughout industries, and within contact centers. More and more, simply recording calls and monitoring samples for “quality assurance” is becoming an antiquated process in the face of a growing trend to respond to the dynamic needs of a business’ customer base.

Business owners and managers are realizing that the conversations taking place every day between their employees and customers hold much more valuable information than previously understood and which traditional call recording cannot provide.

Currently, customer satisfaction with your company is the main competitive differentiator so it is necessary for businesses to go beyond simple call recording solutions and commit to implementing more robust recording solutions. This should include an audio mining component — in order to gain the full scope of true quality assurance.

Speech Analytics – Taking Call Center Quality Assurance to the Next Level

Along with ensuring quality, a complete recording and audio mining solution provides businesses with the latest technology to capture and analyze conversations with their customers. This allows businesses to improve employee training programs, monitor compliance, and capture business intelligence, with the goal of taking the customer relationship full circle to improve customer experience and close knowledge gaps.

Monitor Calls for Quality Assurance

Learn how CallFinder’s phonetic indexing technology and complete audio mining solution will help you capture customer data to improve operations and overall customer experience.

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