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New: Emotion Detection & Scorecard Enhancements from CallFinder

screenshot of CallFinder scorecard enhancements

More Visibility + More Coaching = More Revenue.

CallFinder is excited to announce that our fully loaded sentiment dashboard now includes Emotion Detection! Plus, we’ve added time-saving enhancements for seamless visibility into agent performance and customer satisfaction levels. Now with quicker access to key metrics, you can drill further into conversations to ensure that your coaching efforts drive the results that matter most to your organization.

Along with emotion detection, the enhanced Insights dashboard gives managers the ability to address emerging customer concerns, resolve complex issues, and even save deals!

Here’s a summary of the product enhancements and how you can use them:

  • Gauge Emotion Throughout Each Call to Quickly Address Customer Frustration
  • Easily Compare Customer and Agent Experiences to Better Understand Outcomes
  • Identify Performance Trends with Built-in Scorecard Categories to Improve Coaching

Now let’s take a closer look at how you can apply our new feature enhancements to improve contact center KPIs and boost your bottom-line revenue.

Get a Bird’s Eye View of Agent Performance

We know your time is valuable. That’s why we designed the new features to help managers quickly uncover agent performance gaps to resolve common issues. Like Sentiment Analysis, the Emotion Detection column delivers KPIs on Negative, Neutral, and Positive emotions. Decide which agents need further coaching in any category within seconds using the emotion metrics in the pop-up windows as your guide.

By comparing negative and positive call outcomes, managers know exactly where to drill further into conversations to find performance gaps. Now it’s even easier to define and track goals, refine agent skills, and drive better decisions and business outcomes.

Precision Metrics for Both Sides of the Conversation

One of the biggest enhancements is the ability to see what’s happening on both sides of the call. In addition to the overall emotion score, you can now see separate emotion metrics for the customer and the agent. Did the agent have a positive experience, but the customer had a negative one? Or did they both have the same experience? Providing managers with answers to these questions quickly helps determine which calls to review and which agents to coach for the greatest impact.

While hovering over the icons, you can also see the emotions at the beginning and end of calls. This glimpse into the swing of emotions throughout the call helps managers know when to act. For instance, if the most calls ended with negative emotions, but the majority of those calls started positive, then it may be time to step in. Luckily, with our enhanced scorecards, you can easily track performance trends over time to determine whether problems are consistent vs. a few outliers.

Find More Coaching Opportunities with CallFinder’s Enhanced Scorecards

Our enhanced scorecards now include built-in category scores for quicker access to comprehensive performance overviews. Managers can pinpoint more immediate coaching needs with one-click navigation to all category scores, or by agent. Because the enhanced scorecards uncover more training opportunities, managers and coaches can easily prioritize agent coaching initiatives.

If you haven’t read our Guide to Creating Winning Agent Coaching Strategies, we recommend that you get your copy today! This eBook offers tons of advice and tips on overcoming common challenges in the contact center through better coaching. Plus, it explains how to apply CallFinder’s coaching reports, which are more convenient than ever with the new scorecards.

Before you go, we need to mention one final bonus to our advanced scorecard solution. When you choose to work with us, you get a dedicated CallFinder Analyst to offer scorecard advice and guidance as long as you are a client. We make sure that you’re never left wondering if you’re getting the full value from our solution.

Contact Us to Schedule a Demo!

Whether you want to learn more about emotion detection, or you want to see our advanced scorecards in action, we’d love to give you a test drive of CallFinder! Schedule a quick, 15-minute demo, or contact us today to speak with an expert.

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