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Call Quality Monitoring: Customer Retention a Major Objective


Call recording and call quality monitoring systems give businesses the ability to thoroughly examine every aspect of customer interaction. With speech analytics technologies added to the mix, calls can be analyzed even more meticulously in order to optimize customer service efforts and fortify existing relationships.

Companies that use call centers and contact centers understand that these are the “gateways” – or key points of contact – to their business. A call center representative is often the initial source of contact for inquiring visitors and prospects. First impressions are critical, and positive ones can open doors. However, negative first impressions will likely send potential customers to research alternative options and make their purchases elsewhere.

Consistency is Key

First-time callers to a business are often “testing the waters.” In their search for a particular product or service, they may have come away from previous call center experiences unmoved, unimpressed and uninspired. Once callers such as these finally do make contact with an engaging, knowledgeable and attentive call center agent, they will often find the experience refreshing. From there opportunities can be created.

Repeat or long-time customers of a company expect the same high standards to which they’ve become accustomed each time they contact that business. The care and competency they receive on a consistent basis is what keeps them coming back.

It is much more profitable and beneficial for companies to retain established customers than to try to attract new ones. With the help of call center recording and call monitoring software, relationships with customers can more easily be developed and nurtured.

Call quality monitoring system databases provide the agent with easy and immediate access to existing customer information, thereby personalizing the customer’s experience. This familiarity, and the speed and accuracy at which agents are able to provide assistance, are appreciated by the customer. As a result, strong and lasting relationships are often built.

Capture the Voice of Your Customers

To learn how you can improve your call or contact center, thus improve the customer experience you are delivering, contact a CallFinder Specialist at 1-800-639-1700 to schedule an online demonstration.

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