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Call Center Optimization with Speech Analytics is As Important As Ever


The multiplicity of ways in which customers seek to resolve issues and get answers is more daunting than ever. At the same time, customers are armed with social media to broadcast their experiences, good and bad, to an increasingly wider audience. Therefore, it is incumbent upon any company to find innovative ways to smooth that interface between the caller and the call center agent to provide the best customer experience.

In this post, we’ll explain how to improve call center performance with some call center optimization tips to ensure that your call center is equipped with the right tools.

What Is Call Center Optimization?

Quality and productivity can be better balanced in the call center with proactive efforts designed to understand a customer’s experience, and how agents provide that experience. Armed with that knowledge, call center managers can coach agents to improve every aspect of a business-from the sales floor to the legal team.

Today’s customers are increasingly web savvy. As a result, they are more impatient with agents over the phone. That’s why speech analytics and sentiment analysis technology are so valuable. Using this technology, managers can assess customer satisfaction and agent performance, identify agent training opportunities, and provide a wealth of valuable sales and marketing data.

Optimize Performance with Speech Analytics

Call center optimization is e applications like speech analytics will help a business: A speech analytics solution will include extremely valuable tools for businesses with contact and call centers.

  • Optimize operational efficiencies and improve productivity
  • Identify coaching and sales training opportunities
  • Monitor script compliance to mitigate compliance risk
  • Quickly identify satisfied or disappointed customers
  • Assess business drivers, such as promotions or advertising campaigns
  • Monitor audio for competitive intelligence

Optimizing Call Center Scripts

Despite the use of call center scripts, agents are not perfect. Agents go off script for a variety of reasons. That’s why some companies hire managers to do nothing but monitor the agents for script compliance, which is not easy to do with manual call monitoring. However, with a speech analytics solution, managers actually save time. For instance, automated scorecards quickly score calls according to key phrases. Scorecards let managers know whether to update the scripts, or offer more agent training to produce better call outcomes.

If you want to optimize your call center for quality and productivity, don’t hesitate to request your demo today!

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