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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a SaaS Solution


woman writing on whiteboard for saas solution researchSoftware as a Service (SaaS) has grown in popularity over the years. Any browser-run program is considered a SaaS solution, especially in offices and remote workspaces. SaaS solutions tend to be cloud-based, which means there is no hardware to install or register. And most SaaS solutions are offered and managed by a third-party vendor, so there’s no need for users to worry about maintenance and upgrades.

But with so many SaaS options available, how do you know which one is right for your business? Here are five questions to ask yourself while searching for a SaaS solution.

1. What Are Your Business Goals?

The biggest thing to consider when researching SaaS solutions is what you hope to accomplish with it. Are you looking to increase sales? Improve contact center performance? Develop new products? What are your short and long-term business goals? Once you have this all figured out, it will be far easier to narrow down your SaaS choices.

2. How Much Will It Cost?

The next factor to look at is pricing. Obviously you will need something that fits within your budget, so it’s important to understand all the cost details. For instance, find out whether or not the fees are monthly or annual, or if the charges are on a per-user basis. This information can help you find a SaaS solution that won’t break the bank.

3. Is the SaaS Solution Compatible and Adaptable?

Make sure that whatever SaaS solution you use can be seamlessly integrated with your current applications, and that it can evolve along with your business. Whether you face small changes, such as switching browsers, or large ones, such as managing WFH employees, your SaaS solution should be able to adapt to your business’s new requirements. Ideally, the solution will include an exceptional third-party support system.

4. How Safe Is My Data?

The data you collect is incredibly sensitive, and you want to be sure it’s in the right hands. When considering a third-party SaaS vendor, research which ones will keep your data the most secure. And if you are in a regulated industry, see how the vendor ensures compliance. Finally, be sure to thoroughly understand any termination agreements regarding your data if you must break from the vendor.

5. What Kind of Support Does the SaaS Solution Offer?

The fifth, but perhaps most important question to ask is what level of user support comes with your solution. Many SaaS third-party vendors offer help with the basic setup, but they aren’t as involved when users need further assistance. A managed SaaS solution will have a team that works with you as your business needs change, often providing more personalized support than general SaaS vendors.

The more research you do before choosing a SaaS solution, the more confident you’ll be in your final decision. Check out online reviews to see which vendors have the best reputation for results, support, trustworthiness, etc. Now go find the SaaS solution that’s perfect for your business!

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