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Regulatory Compliance & Risk Management

Easily Monitor Risk and Compliance Interactions

While managing the complexity of regulatory compliance for contact center agents and the data they capture is a daunting task, speech analytics can be employed to automatically report on what was said to mitigate associated compliance risk and the potential for fines and penalties.

Many businesses are required to record and archive the daily voice interactions their employees have with customers to ensure compliance with state and federal requirements, or simply to comply with company operating procedures. Doing so reduces the risk of litigation, and also provides compliance-training tools for agents and employees who interact with your customers on a daily basis. And many companies are managing risk and call center compliance programs as they relate to following agent script compliance and reducing employee and customer churn.

After all, poor agent performance and lack of compliance opens your business up to significant and costly risk to the organization.

Manage and Mitigate Company Risk with CallFinder

CallFinder’s ability to search and categorize 100 percent of your recorded customer interactions will help you significantly improve risk management procedures by providing a thorough view into existing corporate risk.

Speech analytics is a fundamental tool that provides an affordable way to ensure regulatory andscript compliance so that employees adhere to company rules and regulations while in conversations with your customers. This insures against potential liability and acts as a customer service-training tool to help guide and improve agent performance in challenging situations.

Evaluate Script Compliance and Employee Performance

No matter how simple or complex your company’s script may be, CallFinder can categorize compliant and non-compliant calls every step of the way. By using speech analytics to mine recorded phone calls for script compliance concerns, your business can:

  • Ensure a level of call center monitoring that is not possible with random sampling or manual listening of calls in their entirety.
  • Reduce the time a compliance manager spends on risk mitigation by automatically exposing script compliance issues and specific agents in need of additional training.
  • Provide insight for agent performance evaluations and training programs.
  • Enforce a consistent customer experience, therefore improving customer satisfaction.

An Affordable Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management Solution

Analyzing the voice of your customers is imperative to managing risk and compliance programs. CallFinder will help your business comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations, manage risk, and perform lead qualification and sales verification procedures that may be unique to your business.

The return on investment for speech analytics can be measured through the avoidance of or reduction in litigation, damages, and regulatory fines, often resulting in a solution paying for itself in weeks or months.

Learn more about CallFinder’s solutions and how you can easily integrate this automated speech analytics tool into your business process.


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